A whole lot of juvenile jokes

Anjali Jhangiani
Friday, 11 August 2017

Comedian Sahil Shah is out with a new show called Childish Behaviour and it’s all about him being his delightfully goofy self on stage.

The society is made up of two kinds of people (well, broadly speaking). The first type are the matured ones — they invest money for profitable returns, they make sophisticated dinner plans, they don’t like being laughed at, and basically they don’t act like children do. The second type of people belong to the immature category and Sahil Shah’s new solo show is all about how he owns this space. 

The comedian from East India Company (EIC) will take the stage this Sunday to present his brand new stand up titled Childish Behaviour. We had a quick chat with him to find out what’s it all about. 

While one may assume that the content will include episodes of his childhood, Sahil clears the air to say that it’s quite the contrary. “The show is about me as an adult, who still behaves like a child. In other words, how I’m such a man-child. It’s about all the seemingly stupid stuff I do. I like being silly, laughing at stupid things and making others laugh too,” says Sahil.

With childishness comes a sense of confidence that Sahil exudes on stage. If you’re lucky, you might even catch him wearing shoes with lights on them and while you smirk at his child-like style on the outside, on the inside, you will be walking down memory lane thinking about those light shoes you had when you were young and wishing that you could wear them all the time.  

An interesting analogy would be to think of EIC as the Spice girls and Sahil as Baby spice. While Baby Spice was all pink and cute, Sahil is goofy and simple, but both of them had one thing common — innocence. 

While you slap your forehead with your palm at his jokes, you will also find yourself giggling away at his punchlines. “A lot of people have told me about my childish behaviour. It’s not like I force it, it’s just who I am.

If I have a choice between going for a sophisticated family dinner and sitting at home playing video games, I will definitely choose the latter, any day,” says Sahil, who loves to walk into toy shops, check out the new stuff they have and buy himself a new toy. 

“I’ve got a standing ovation in Hyderabad, Baroda and Ahemdabad. It’s a nice feeling. Now I come to Pune to make the people here chuckle. As an audience member, you will surely be going home with a smile. Whether everyone is laughing with me or at me, it does not matter, as long as they’re laughing, my work is done,” says the 26-year-old comedian who has a penchant for bow ties. 

Sahil Shah will perform his new show Childish Behaviour, at Classic Rock Coffee Co., Kalyani Nagar, on Saturday, August 12, 8.30 pm onwards. Tickets are available on bookmyshow.com.

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