Who inspires them?

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Thursday, 7 March 2019

Actresses from film and television industry talk about the woman/ women who have been instrumental in shaping their lives

Be it in personal or professional space, there are women who motivate and inspire us. It could be our mother, who makes several sacrifices to ensure a comfortable life for us or a national or international figure with great achievements and zest for life.

On Women’s Day, TV and film actresses talk about the inspirational figures in their lives....

I’ve been blessed with two iron ladies in my life — one is my mother Mrunalini and the other is my aunt (mother’s sister) Kavita. My mom taught me how to love unconditionally and my aunt, how to work endlessly. It’s a bliss to be a woman and I celebrate my womanhood every day by getting inspired by these two boss ladies. — Sai Tamhankar

Sakshi Tanwar has been my biggest inspiration in life so far. I was fortunate enough to work with her in my initial days. She taught me how being kind, grounded and humble is so important in life. I believe that anyone can be a great actor but being a good human being, along with being a good actor is something that I want to achieve and she inspires me to do so.— Asha Negi

Priyanka Chopra is insanely inspiring — for being a badass gal, following her own rules and not being scared of following her ambition to the hilt. And while she is making waves internationally, she is producing hard-hitting content in regional languages back in India and that is just too amazing for words.— Manasi Parekh

My biggest inspiration for venturing into the entertainment industry was Oprah Winfrey! I just love reading about her life and leadership qualities. Even the advice that she gives people the world over, is awesome. She is one woman who has proved that you can definitely make an amazing career and at the same time stay humble, grounded and help people as well! She is a complete package of brilliance, hard work and compassion. She will always be my inspiration.— Rochelle Rao

There are numerous women who have inspired me — naming one will mean being unjust to all the women I admire. No one is complete and no one is perfect. Hence I strive to receive and pick the best of all the women I meet in this lifetime. There are who you want to be like and then there are those who you should never be like. —Aashka Goradia

It would be unfair to only choose one as I have grown up being surrounded by women, starting from my grandmother to my mother, aunts and sisters. They all come from different walks of life yet balance their personal and professional life with ease. There is so much to learn from them. They all motivate me to work harder with each passing day.— Malvika Raaj

The Rani of Jhansi — Rani Laxmibai has always been a big inspiration and a woman of substance who I look up to in many ways! There are many who even call me by her name as they feel that my passion and attitude towards life matches with the way the Queen dealt with situations in her life.— Juhi Parmar

American singer Beyonce is my inspiration. She is not only a celebrated songwriter, dancer and a record producer but also an amazing mother to three kids. Her way of life and body of art inspires millions!— Rubina Dilaik

In view of what our country has been going through with the recent attack on our armed forces, I salute Shanti Tigga for being the first India female jawan in the Indian army. She was a mother of two children when she joined at the age of 35. Her courage is exemplary. A true inspiration for all the women in our country.— Waluscha De Sousa

My mother is my biggest inspiration. Her sheer hard work and never-give-up spirit even at this age bowls me over. Well, I respect and love all the women around me. A woman’s spirit is strong. It’s full of courage, determination, fuelled with energy and zest for life. She does so much for her family that we’re at a loss of words when we try to express our gratitude towards her. I feel one day is not enough to honour the sacrifices they make for their loved ones. I would like to take this opportunity to thank every woman who has contributed to making me the woman I am today.— Renee Dhyani

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