What not to wear on Valentine’s Day

Sakal Times
Tuesday, 5 February 2019

You must already be excited about February 14, but don’t go overboard. Here are some don’ts that you must follow to not mess up your look

Love is in the air and most of you must be busy planning your outfit for February 14.  But with a new fashion trend in the market every other day, it’s easy to be misled or get carried away. Bhavya Chawla, chief stylist, Voonik.com, shares a few things that are an absolute no-no this Valentine’s Day.
Sneakers: We understand that sneakers are the most happening footwear at this moment but your date probably won’t. A pair of nice and comfortable heels looks like you have put in some effort into dressing up. If you are not comfortable with heels for the entire evening, opt for pointy-toed ballet flats instead.
Too much glitter: Too many big sequins or too sparkly a dress may be way over the top for Valentine’s Day and will make you look more appropriate for NYE. Opt for dresses with shimmer undertones or ones with sequins as a highlight element.

Dress you have worn before with your date:  If you are in a steady relationship, Valentine’s Day will be about spicing things up and a dress that you have already worn will not add that element of surprise for them. Wear something they have never seen before to make sure they can’t take their eyes off you all day.

Big heart prints: Heart prints on tees, sweatshirts, dresses are ultra cute ! However as the rule goes — Do not overdo it. Big heart prints on dresses will make you look tacky instead of cute. This may also have a negative impact on the ‘not-so-romantic’ kind of dates. Try to avoid multiple cluttered hearts as well just as much as you would avoid the big ones. 

Oversized clothing:  Again, one of the hottest trends of the season but let’s leave this for the rest of the 364 days of the year. Avoid boyfriend jeans, drop shoulder dresses, longline shrugs and everything loose for this day. This might actually be a welcome change for your date if you were otherwise into the whole oversized trend.

Festive red: Yes, red is the colour of love but avoid wearing red from top to bottom if you do not wish to be nicknamed — ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ If you wear a bright red dress, do not wear red lipstick as well. Similarly, long red dress with red heels are an absolute NO.

Cheap heart jewellery: We know hearts symbolise love and look cute when done correct. To get it right, do not wear artificial looking metal heart lockets, plastic heart jewellery or bracelets with several heart charms. Opt for more elegant looking jewellery and if you are particular about heart jewellery, make sure the quality is good.

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