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Alisha Shinde
Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Ganapati made of clay with a seed embedded in it will grow into a plant. Isn’t that a beautiful idea for the celebrations this year?

The 10-day festivity of Ganeshotsav have commenced with the warmth and cheer  spreading all around. As we welcome Lord Ganesha, we welcome another gesture which will add to our celebrations -- Ganapati idols which will turn into trees and do a lot of good for the environment. We talk to a few artists who are making the eco-friendly Ganeshas.  

“Ganapati is a time when every soul can actually give something back to the environment,” says Neha Asher, an artist who conducts eco-friendly Ganapati workshops every year. She believes that as a society we are responsible for the environment and we should take utmost care and effort to protect it from further damage. “The idea behind promoting free workshops is to make more and more people understand that we are not only worshipping Lord Ganesha but nature too,” she says. Talking about the idols she makes she says that the idols are made of clay and a seed is embedded so that once the idol is immersed a plant is born out of it.”   

Dattadri Kothur, Mumbai-based artist and founder of Tree Ganesha, says, “I wanted to create Lord Ganesha as the Lord of Nature.” He has always believed that the festival season is a great way to use it as a platform to raise awareness about the pollution problem. 

Kothur says that the idols that he makes are made of red soil, organic fertiliser, natural odour and seeds. “The unique idol is designed in such a way so that it grows into a tree after it is immersed,” he says, adding that it’s time people started doing their bit to save the environment and take the first few steps towards a green future. 

A collective step is always a great initiative. The Orchid Hotel, Pune, which is recognised as Asia’s Pioneering Hospitality Chain of Environmentally Sensitive Hotels and Resorts, have also come with an eco-friendly Ganesha idol — GanpaTree, which grows into a plant. 

With the guidance of Dr Vithal Kamat, chairman, and Vishal Kamat, CEO, The Orchid Hotel, Pune, in association with Indira Foundation, have come up with the idea. Once immersed in the pot, the idol will dissolve and a plant will grow. 

It is a great initiative to spread green awareness and make our homes and office spaces environment friendly. 

- Directly place the Ganpatree in the pot provided.
- Place the Ganpatree (Ganesh idol + pot with mixture given) in an outdoor place where there is sunlight.
- Pour required amount of water on Ganpatree for 3-5 days in regular intervals but do not overwater.
- Water daily once and see the plant grow within 10-20 days.
- Do not remove any paper in the pot or idol as it contains nutrients to nourish the plant.

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