Wear them right

Amrita Prasad
Monday, 28 May 2018

Designers help you distinguish a pair of leggings from jeggings and treggings. Given that they are quite popular, it is important to know the difference and the tricks to sport them correctly

It is a wonderful feeling to once in a while ditch your denims and wear something that is light, breathable and doesn’t make you uncomfortable in the scorching heat. Leggings, jeggings and treggings are your options. However, these body hugging bottoms are a tricky territory to venture into — we often get confused when buying and styling them. Available in different styles, lengths and prints, they all serve different purposes and if you pair them incorrectly, you can easily end up making a fashion faux pass like showing your panty lines or in worst cases a camel toe. [A phrase  used in the fashion industry to describe a woman’s labial region that shows when wearing tightly fitting clothes.]

Designer Shivani Jain of label Tisharth informs that leggings are tight fitted lowers typically made in nylon lycra stretch material and can be worn under short skirts and tunic tops for everyday wearing. “Jeggings are also made in stretch but a little thicker and they give a feel of leggings and considered a cross between leggings and jeans. They can be worn under knit tops and oversized jumpers. They have become very popular because of their comfort level,” she explains.

Nancy Luharuwalla, designer and owner of Label De belle, says that while opting for leggings, jeggings or treggings, one needs to be careful. “It is necessary to know what these terms mean, to avoid fashion blunders,” she says, adding, that leggings are thick, stretchy bottom wear with an elastic waist that are usually ankle length and very comfortable. “They are never sheer, and hence can be worn like pants. Leggings are most suitable to be worn with an oversized top or a tunic. They are also perfect for the gym. But there are certain rules to wearing leggings as well. They should not be worn as formals. One should also avoid wearing leggings with skinny tops and crop tops. Also, never go for leggings with bold patterns. Match with a pair of sneakers and a loose-fitted top for a chic, comfy outfit,” she advises.

Of late, treggings, made of a thicker fabric are an answer for those who love to fuse style with comfort and athleisure. “They look like trousers and fit like the leggings; they are sleek and tailored.  They have faux buttons and fake pockets too. You can wear them to work or even throughout the day as they look good and feel comfortable,” suggests Jain.

There is a chance that while choosing treggings, you might end up buying a pair of jeggings because they look quite similar. Talking about jeggings and treggings, Luharuwalla says that these are a perfect cross between jeans and leggings and are a perfect option if you desire the look of jeans with the comfort and stretch of leggings. “They also nail the perfect jeans look with stitched pocket detail. Jeggings should be worn just like leggings — with an oversized top, not with skinny or tight ones. One thing to look for while buying jeggings is jeans-like pockets, zips and buttons. The only difference between treggings and leggings is that treggings are acceptable as formals and can be worn to work,” says Luharuwalla.

Another confusion that most of us face is the difference between tights and yoga pants. While yoga pants are generally made from a blend of cotton, lycra spandex, nylon, polyester, wool, or a similarly light and stretchy synthetic material giving the pants a very soft, smooth, polished and silky finish when worn, tights are quite different from leggings, jeggings, treggings and yoga pants. Says Luharuwalla, “Tights are generally sheer, cover the foot, and must be worn under another garment while leggings are thick, opaque and end at ankles. Tights should never be worn as pants as they are sheer. They are to be worn under short dresses and skirts. Also, they can be worn under both, casual and formal dresses.” Echoing  Luharuwalla, Jain says, “Tights are transparent and have an elastic waist and even toes at times. They can be worn under dresses and skirts.”

Don’t wear tights like leggings as they are transparent.
Don’t wear leggings with short tops as they are made of a very light material so it looks odd.
Don’t wear leggings like pants.
You can wear short tops with heavy quality jeggings.
Treggings can be worn formally if paired well.

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