Warriors in love

Sushmita Jha
Monday, 22 October 2018

Kinshuk Vaidya, who is playing Arjun in Karn Sangini on Star Plus, wants to surprise his viewers with his versatility.

After successfully entertaining the audience in Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka on Sony, Kinshuk Vaidya is all set to surprise viewers in a completely new avatar. The 27-year-old actor will be seen playing Arjun in the new mythological show Karn Sangini on Star Plus. Karn Sangini is a mythological drama based on Kavita Kane’s novel Karna’s Wife: The Outcast’s Queen. This is the first time that Kinshuk will be playing a mythological character and he is extremely pumped up and enthusiastic about his new avatar. 

“Playing Arjun is a great learning experience, I am enjoying the character. The atmosphere on the set is extremely fun and everyone is always enthusiastic. It’s a fresh experience and I enjoy shooting since it is a new kind of fun every day,” says he.  

The show and the concept attracted Kinshuk to take up this project. For the first time, he is doing a show like this and he is also playing a character who is very important in Hindu mythology. So without even thinking twice, he signed up for it.  

“I have not done something like this in the past, so definitely it was a great opportunity for me to show my versatility to my viewers. I was also interested in playing Arjun who has always been an important character in Indian mythology. A lot of people have played Arjun on screen and hence it was definitely challenging for me to show a different side of the character. Considering all these factors, I went ahead and took up the project,” says the 27-year-old actor. 

If an actor does a period drama or a mythological show, there are chances of him getting typecast since the standards are completely different as compared to regular daily soaps. But Kinshuk says that he will break out of such typecasting if it exists. 

“I don’t think such a thing exists, but if it does, I will make sure I break it by doing a mythological show and then later doing a show which is completely different. But personally, I don’t feel actors get typecast. I feel they make their choices of choosing their work. There are actors who feel comfortable in playing such characters and doing such shows as compared to regular shows. So I believe that is the actual reason why we see them playing those roles often,” explains Kinshuk. 

Arjun was an extremely focused and disciplined personality and Kinshuk completely relates to him since he is quite similar to the character in his real life. 

“Arjun was an all rounder with stern determination and focus, and I can easily relate to it because that is what I am in my real life. So it was a tad bit easy for me to get under the skin of the character,” explains the actor. 

We have seen Arjun and Karn as strong warriors in the past on screen. But Karn Sangini will show the love story involving the two men. Which, Kinshuk feels, will make the show unique and people will definitely watch it.

“People have already seen Mahabharat and read about it as well, and Karn and Arjun have always been seen as strong warriors and important characters in the Hastinapur politics. But Karn Sangini will show a completely different side of these men. You will see their love stories for the first time on screen, so the mythological love story will surely grab the attention of viewers and they will definitely enjoy it,” Kinshuk wraps up.

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