Vir Das gears up for ‘Hasmukh’

Sakal Times
Monday, 22 April 2019

Vir Das sheds his comedic urban image and goes more rustic for his next — Hasmukh.

Vir Das sheds his comedic urban image and goes more rustic for his next — Hasmukh.

The internationally acclaimed stand-up artist and actor-writer Vir made India proud again in 2018 by becoming the only Indian artist to have his second original special on Netflix for the second time in a row with Losing It. In Bollywood too, Vir has been writing scripts in different languages and will also be producing the projects under his banner Weirdass which is his comedy collective. Over the years, Vir has been juggling between both the platforms — films and stage, and his characters have always been suave looking. But with his latest project Hasmukh, which is helmed by Vir himself and Nikhil Advani, he will be sporting a  different look which he has never tried before. 

Hasmukh, which is a series dealing with dark comedy, has been shot in UP and Mumbai. In the series, Vir will be seen playing a stand-up comedian by the day and a serial killer by the night. This would be the first time the Delhi Belly actor will be seen exploring his look to match with his onscreen character. He changed his look to adapt to the authenticity of his character. After going through various look tests, Vir and Nikhil froze the look. In the new makeover, he doesn’t look mean and ferocious (since he is also a serial killer), in fact, he looks quite rural.

Speaking about it, Vir said, “Hasmukh has been new for me in every possible way. It’s a character I have never played. The writing process was drastically different, given I have previously not written comedy in Hindi. Plus the  character is from hinterland and not something the audience has seen me do before. So I’m excited because as an actor I like the idea of doing something new and taking on new challenges. And Hasmukh gave me the opportunity to do for that.”

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