Amrita Prasad
Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Internet sensation The Vamps — a popular British pop rock band, is back in India with a bunch of its latest songs. Catch the stars live in action in the city today.

This is the story of a social media star in the truest sense. From meeting fellow band members through social media to putting out their work on YouTube and becoming a social media sensation — The Vamps is ruling the internet space with their music. This evening, the popular British pop rock band is ready to rock the stage at Liberty Square, Phoenix MarketCity Pune, Viman Nagar. 

The band is back in India after two years. In 2016, it had performed at the Global Citizen Festival and had a gala time meeting and interacting with popular Bollywood names like Farah Khan, Vishal-Shekhar and others. The band, which has plans of a week-long stay in the country, will also be performing in Mumbai on October 27. 

The four-member band, which features Brad Simpson (lead vocals and guitar), James McVey (lead guitar and vocals), Connor Ball (bass guitar and vocals) and Tristan Evans (drums and vocals) and is popular for hits like I Found A Girl, Wild Heart, Just My Type, Wake Up, Can We Dance,  Rest Your Love, Same To You, gained fame with cover songs uploaded on YouTube back in 2012 and released its debut single Can We Dance in 2013, which was a huge hit. Prior to the performance, we chat up the band members. Excerpts: 

As a band, can you share your experiences of performing at the Global Citizen Festival, and what surprises do you have in store for the audience in Pune now? 
It was magical to perform at the Global Citizen Festival, the energy and vibe we got from the audience was energetic and how! We are bringing a bunch of our latest songs this year, can’t wait to see the audience’s reaction on the same.

What attracts global artists to perform in India?  
We, as a whole band, are extremely moved by Indian culture and this country’s richness. The versatility here is something to watch out for.

How was the experience of meeting and interacting with people from Bollywood and the music industry in India?
One person who had made this entire thing possible for us in all these years is Tanaaz Bhatiam, managing director of Bottomline Media. Bollywood has always been an attraction to us; its vibrant and huge sets are a delight to watch. We are big fans of Bollywood, we see happiness and colour in the dances. We love SRK, he is our favourite.

Looking back how would you describe the band’s journey and how much credit will you give to YouTube? 
Not just for us but YouTube has been a boon to a million artists out there. Our journey has been fantabulous and we are extremely grateful for where we are today.
You released a couple of singles and an album this year. How do you manage to create songs so quick?
Our whole idea of doing singles and albums back to back is to give fans more songs over a short period of time. My favourite bands always released an album every 18 months or so. And now, especially in the age of social media, and life being so instant, people want stuff all the time. So leaving it two years for a band like us, who are very big on social media, could be quite dangerous. So we thought it would be nice for the fans to just get more, and more quickly and we are happy that appreciated so much.
What is your inspiration behind lyrics and music? 
We do relatable music and lyrics, so our surroundings and day-to-day life is our biggest inspiration.

What are some of the trends in pop music and what is its future? 
The everlasting ongoing pop trend is about ensuring how relatable a song can be to your audience, and we love following that.

What are the pros and cons of having a band?
We feel if you are in sync with your band members there are no cons to it and to have four brains on one product is definitely a pro.

Groove with The Vamps at Liberty Square, Phoenix MarketCity, Pune, Viman Nagar, today from 7.30 pm onwards. Tickets available on www.bookmyshow.com 

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