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Friday, 13 July 2018

Be it a beach wedding or any other ceremony during the monsoon, celebrity hair and make-up artists Bharat and Dorris talk about fresh looks for free-spirited brides

Monsoon is a tricky time to have a wedding, especially if you’re one of those bridezillas who can’t stand it even if one hair is out of place. But there are brides who love the season for the notion of romance associated with it, and prefer having their wedding during a season that volunteers to set the mood. 

We caught up with celebrity make-up artist and hair stylist duo Bharat and Dorris Godambe when they came to Pune to host a bridal workshop in association with PRO-HBO (Hair and Beauty Organisation) to get a few tips for brides who are tying the knot this season. 

The husband-wife power couple have their own cosmetic brand B&D. 

Monsoon Wedding

“Like at any wedding, make-up and hair artists need to ask the client questions about what they are going to wear, where they are going to have what kind of ceremony and so on. We also need to consider the features of the client when coming up with the perfect look,” says Dorris, adding that preferences change from person to person. 

Bharat swears by shimmer eye-shadow to enhance the look of the eyes. Specially during this gloomy weather, we could do with a little shine. “Shimmer eye shadow brings warmth to the entire face. I suggest warm lip colours in red and fuchsia too,” he says.
Traditionally the hair, says Dorris the stylist, would be best if tied up and secured. But times have changed. “Clients are very clear about how they want to look nowadays. Everyone has cellphones and they save photographs with the look they want. We do a lot of updos, but I have noticed many brides don’t want buns. They feel like buns make them look older, more mature, and behenji type. But if your attire has a light dupatta, you can always have it draped over the bun for extra elegance. It gets difficult if your dupatta is a heavy one though,” says she. 

Beach weddings are all about the sun, sand and the outdoors. Though you may have everything set to make it a fairytale wedding, factors like heat and humidity are beyond your control. 

Dorris says, “Most brides opt for gowns for beach weddings. Some of them wear lehengas too, but then again it’s usually light in fabric and colour. So they want their hair to be left open. The messy look is in for such occasions. And they love using flowers as hair accessories. You can use real flowers, but they will start wilting due to body heat and the temperatures outside. So artificial flower accessories are the best in my opinion.”  

In terms of make-up, Bharat suggests brides keep it “peachy”. The colours corresponding to the theme include nude shades like peach, pink and orange. 

He says, “If you’re having your wedding on a beach, you want to enjoy it as much as you can. And this means that your make-up will have to fight the wind and the heat too. In such situations, when it comes to using make-up products, I say the lesser the better.”

But fake eyelashes are a big thing. “Mink eyelashes are all you need to add oodles of glam to your look. They’re a hot trend right now. Use a light shimmer eyeshadow with the mink eye lashes and you’re good to go,” says he. 

Battling humidity

Humidity is not a friend, especially when you want your wedding photos to capture your hairdo on point. But what do you do if you can’t use a dehumidifier outdoors? Beach brides are worrying lesser and lesser about this major problem, and understanding that the best way to fight it is to embrace it. Thus the new trend, believe it or not, is messy and untidy hair. “Style your hair, use products that will keep it from looking out of control. But we suggest not to use too many products as it makes the hair oily, which is an undesired look. Brides want a natural and free look when it comes to hair nowadays,” says Dorris.

A big worry among brides is whether the make-up will be affected by the heat. Addressing these concerns, Bharat says, “This sort of thing used to happen in the past, the make-up used to melt. But products now are very good. Use waterproof products. If you feel like you are getting sweaty, use a tissue and dab gently. Better than using tissue, keep a piece of malmal (muslin) handy, and use it to dab your face when you feel,” he says. 

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