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Sakal Times
Monday, 18 September 2017

Here are a few lightweight apps which will make life easier for smartphone users looking for an array of services in one single place.

Here are a few lightweight apps which will make life easier for smartphone users looking for an array of services in one single place.

With the advent of smartphones, life has become easier for people of all age groups. The advantages of having different apps as per daily requirements makes it convenient for users. By using multiple apps for daily functioning of life we do not realise the challenges we get into. Too many apps on our phone makes its functioning slow. It is time for some unused apps to be deleted and clear the unnecessary clutter. We have listed a few  lightweight apps to make life easier for smartphones users looking for an array of services on one single platform.

Roposo — TV by the people: It is a one-stop solution for users looking for a seamless browsing experience with an range of entertainment channel options across verticals like dance, music, spirituality, travel, music and more. Users get a platform to express and connect freely with the people following them across the globe and also showcase their talent. With a number of themes — Gabru, Beats, Top-Notch, Musafir, Ha-Ha TV etc — it has something for everyone, and users can watch what they like according to their mood and preferences while also connecting with a wide audience from around the globe, sharing similar interests. People can follow their favourite fashionistas and trend-setters for fashion advices. But that’s not all, users can also  find direct links to online marketplaces for clothing and accessories.

Cleartrip: Travelling and exploring the world has become a major part of our lives. Exploring ‘Incredible India’ has become effortless with travel tech apps like Cleartrip offering the most comprehensive travel and leisure experience to travellers. Cleartrip helps one discover, engage with and experience cultures and lifestyles of different cities. Discover and book amazing events and experiences in the city you’re in. Enjoy sumptuous dining at the best restaurants in the city. Cleartrip Local makes it easy to discover a city. It provides a curated list of experiences across more than 30 cities and also assists one with bike and car rentals making travelling a delightful and effortless experience.

Haptik:  How many of us forget our tasks for the day or have to plan an entire trip urgently? Haptik has many features to rule out a number of apps with a few taps; just outsource your work to a Haptik Assistant. Haptik makes our lives a lot easier. One can set reminders on the app to complete accomplish the day’s to-do list. The assistant can even find places around you whether it’s an ATM or a hospital. You just need to drop a message to the assistant and you are good to go. Plan the complete travel itinerary without any problems. It even assists in recharging your phone and paying bills making it a lifesaver app. One app with so many attributes will definitely enable us to remove many apps that make our phone a jungle.

BuyHatke: BuyHatke, an online shopping Indian store, makes life easier by comparing the prices of products from different websites. With over 10 million users, BuyHatke provides a commerce platform simplifying the decision making for shopping. The app deals in over 40 categories and sub-categories of products and compares prices from over 24 different shopping sites. One can buy the best deal on the product accordingly. It comes up with the best experience of shopping providing discounts, deals and hundreds of coupons. The coupons are available for more than 50 apps ranging from food delivery to shopping and from travel to payment apps. Every true shopper can understand the love for deals, discounts and coupons. 

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