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Alisha Shinde
Sunday, 27 January 2019

If you are looking for a handbag which not only looks good but has well thought out interiors to keep things organised, Shaka provides one

Founded in 2017 by sisters Shaka and Sipika Bhat, the brand Shaka metamorphoses the luxury handbag with a unique re-engineering of its interiors and exteriors. The founders say that their handbags bring order to the chaos — that is a woman’s handbag. So with the organised interiors, it offers solutions to carry everything that a lady wants, right from laptops to phones, chargers to makeup, books to car keys. 

How did the founders come up with a solution? Like most women, Shaka too couldn’t find a handbag that was well organised so she decided to design one. “From my own experience of never having a handbag that understands me, I decided to design a bag that would be a sweet spot between versatile functionality and high-quality luxury to fill the humongous gap that exists in the handbag segment,” says she.
This led to a bag that had a host of systematic compartments and an ample amount of space to arrange things in an organised manner. Shaka’s collection of handbags is chic, and looks amazing on the outside and offers fantastic well thought out interiors. “I believe that one can be organised and yet look super cool,” says Shaka.

Talking about the concept, the co-founder says that Shaka has been handcrafting luxury modern-day handbags, slings, swishes, totes, folds and zippers which go beyond merely style or convenience. “With our re-imagining, we have helped women organise their lives with bags which are simple, clean and have high quality designs,” she says. 

Sharing more about the process that goes behind making these bags, Shaka says that all their handbags are ergonomically designed to facilitate the on-the-go lifestyles of women who carry them. “They are made from the best material, with international level quality for durability, reinforcements, linings, and threads that are used with precision which make every Shaka handbag a piece of quality art,” says she.  

The brand has several categories of bags including Corporate Damsel, Urban Posh, Wallet Allure and so on. The categories again have several types like Wallet Allure has Smooth Zipper and Neat Folds, Urban Posh has Uptown Sling, Ultra Swish and Everyday Robust etc. Shaka says that Smooth Zipper is a veritable companion wallet that satisfies the sartorial demands, bringing together convenience and elegance. “Currency, cards, phone — pack it all in this neat little zipper,” says she adding that the Neat Fold is a handy piece of art which comes with nine sections for cards, cash and a convenience strap to go with every look and need. 

Uptown Sling is a chic modern necessity that metamorphoses into a sling or a clutch on demand, and the Ultra Swish is a stylish modern dream, perfect for dates, dinners and night-outs.
She mentions that running a digital fashion brand can be a bit challenging. “We have a great product which has been liked extensively, however, when it comes to penetration of the internet and the adaptability of the prospective customer towards the idea of buying luxury items online, it indeed is a challenge,” she says.

Their collection starts from Rs 3,000 onwards. For more, visit their website www.shakaonline.com

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