Travel diaries

Alisha Shinde
Tuesday, 23 October 2018

If you are a globetrotter, you must keep a record of your travel experiences. Travel Bug, a travel journal, helps you do it in a fun way.

Don’t we all love vacations? It is only during holidays when moms don’t ask you to do your homework or insist you to eat your vegetables. Dads don’t wake you up early for school. Vacations allow you to spend some quality time with your family, and enjoy the surprises that a destination has to offer. 

When you return from a vacation, you are left with beautiful memories and amazing photographs. That said, while travelling we often tend to forget certain relevant information, which is why writing it down really helps. Now if you are wondering what a tedious job it would be to carry a book while travelling and jotting down things, worry not, because these books don’t have to be boring at all. 

Kavita Deshpande has been making destination oriented travel journals for children called the Little Travel Bug, where one can document their vacation through collected brochures, writing notes and pasting boarding passes and photographs and stickers.  

Deshpande says that the philosophy behind the journal is to enrich the overall travelling experience for children so that they become good at discovering gems of the place and minutely observe things. “By the end of the trip, children will have their own book filled with treasures of beautiful memories and souvenirs,” she says adding that these journals have a lot of information regarding the place — right from things to-do to places to visit and fun facts, which she believes will give children a complete view of the destination.

Currently, the journals available are for travel destinations like Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and India. Travel diaries to note down everyday travel experiences and travel scrapbooks specifically for pictures are also available.    

Writing during vacations is a common practice for children. Writing a travel diary will further help them hone their skill and also make them more observant, which will be beneficial for them not only in their academic life but later as well.  

“Writing polishes their storytelling skills and also boosts their confidence while talking and expressing themselves,” says Deshpande. So pick up the pen, collect the souvenirs, boarding passes, photographs and get started! 

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