A toast to friends 

Debarati Palit Singh
Friday, 3 August 2018

As we celebrate Friendship Day on August 5, actors talk about what helps them connect and the real meaning of this special relationship  

Though we meet several people in different phases of our lives, we bond only with a select few. It doesn’t matter if we share the same ideologies but we share something that ties us closely. There are friends who help us change into a better individual and there are others who stand by us through thick and thin. 

Actors tells us about this special bond and how it needs to be cherished forever. 

You don’t need to explain yourself to your friend at any point in time. Things are automatically understood without you even having to say anything. That is true friendship! My closest friend from college, Macedon Dmello, who was also my co-star on Dil Dostii Dance and is a part of our dance crew the Desi Hoppers, has really helped me shape myself in one particular way and that is working on my temper problem. A few years ago, I had a heated argument with someone and Macedon stepped in and explained how I had to change my perspective in many ways and keep a check on my temper. His pep talk stuck with me after that day and has helped me to work on myself in this regard in many ways.
— Shantanu Maheshwari  

Friendship means standing by the person no matter what. Also, having full faith in your friendship even if there is a long gap in the relationship. You should be able to start off from where you left. One such friend of mine is Munmun Dutta. Munmun has always been a great friend. She has been with me through all my ups and downs. We share an amazing rapport. I will cherish this friendship forever.
— Debina Bonnerjee

Personally, I believe that we don’t need a specific day to celebrate friendship. We don’t need a reminder to tell our friends that they are special to us. Coincidently, my off-screen and on-screen best friend is Aashutosh Semwal, who is also a part of my show. He knows me well and can read my mind. There have been times when he has understood what I am going through or what I am feeling without me expressing it. Whenever Aashutosh finds me a bit low or depressed, he comes to me and says, ‘Bro, count your blessing and not your mistakes. Count your good things and not your bad things.’ These words tend to charge me up every time and lift my mood instantly. Moreover, he has great energy and positivity that makes him one of the nicest individuals on set.
— Adnan Khan 

Friendship is a beautiful relationship. Say, if you are stuck in a particular situation, your friend, without letting you know, helps you get out of it. Real friends don’t care about your success or failure but who you are as a person. They are with you in your good and bad times. It’s rightly said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. This goes out to my best friend Tamanna Uppal. She’s done all this and much more for me. 
— Sahil Khattar 

Friendship is the most fundamental thing in all my personal relationships. Be it with parents, friends, romantic partners — friendship is when I can be myself and not be judged. As we are getting older, I have noticed a lot of my school friends taking their health seriously. Two of my close friends from school, Ayushi and Rea, have motivated me to become more health conscious, and I am grateful to them for that! 
— Rytasha Rathore

Friendship is like having an additional member in the family and the same goes for you in your friend’s family. One of my dear friend Daksh Ajit Singh taught me to keep aside my ego and knock on doors to get work, something I wasn’t open to earlier. But I am happy that he brought about this change in me. 
— Mishal Raheja

One of my closest friends has been Aashka Goradia. Our friendship goes back 12 years. She has been a saviour so many times for me, especially when I was delivering my baby. She was there, holding my hand and telling me that I am brave. She had even pushed my apprehensive husband to the delivery room to see my baby and me after the whole process! She truly is a dear one for me. Friendship needs to be treasured forever. 
— Kanika Maheshwari

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