Timeless beauties

Amrita Prasad
Tuesday, 21 August 2018

We chat up Purnima Sheth, founder and senior sales director,  The Rose Group, who is showcasing her jewellery collection in the city

Don’t we all know (and adore the fact) that ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’? The timeless number, first created by Carol Channing, later performed by Marilyn Monroe and recreated by Madonna, aptly sums up every woman’s love for the sparkling stones. It has been put into practice by Purnima Sheth, founder of Rose Group, a luxury jewellery brand, who has been creating heirloom pieces using the stones. 

Sheth is hosting a preview exhibition, ‘Colours of Life’ and ‘Bridal Devi’ at Conrad where it will be headlined by the House of Rose’s iconic Colours of Life, Jadau and Treasures collections. Talking about the collections, Sheth says, “The Colours of Life has been inspired from nature and colours like blues, greens and pinks have been incorporated in our designs which are combined with gold and diamonds. The Bridal Devi collection consists of temple necklace, mogra necklace, necklace with filigree, veil necklace as these elements resonate with the aesthetics of a bride. We are also launching our latest collection Colombian Emeralds, which is extremely rare and takes many man-hours and tremendous efforts in sourcing, designing and manufacturing.” 

Keeping in mind the taste and fashion sense of the youth, and their ever-changing wardrobe, Rose has designed a range of statement sautoirs, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The brand has also incorporated jadau, a traditional Indian jewellery-making technique, in their design aesthetics. Jadau is an art form of hand setting flat cut diamonds in a gold casing with the use of shellac and silver foil. 

Speaking about her brand’s presence and standing out for the last four decades in the market, Sheth says, “There’s a repetition of trend and design in jewellery as well. What was worn in the ’80s has made its way into the world of jewellery once again in 2018. The collection has always been unique in every decade with powerful designs. Rose is known for its quality, design and workmanship. People have received and appreciated us among other hundred jewellers around us, only because we have these three elements in place. The first step is to get the gems together and create a design with an inspiration around the gem. Then, the design is put into perspective — from top and side view, from the point of view of manufacturing, flexibility, mobility and the final look on the drawing board. After having all of this in place, we begin with manufacturing. We have been manufacturing jewellery for 38 years and with all our expertise, skills and experiences of our karigars, the vision of our directors, we exactly know how to meet the requirement of finishing and mobility needed for our ornaments.” 

Rose is known to create heirloom pieces that are passed from one generation to the other. But is today’s generation in love with traditional jewellery? “Once a piece of jewellery has been made into a timeless item, no one demands it to be remodelled or upcycled. They want to wear it again and again with different outfits and on different occasions. Whether it is a ‘dress-me-up’ or ‘dress-me-down,’ it is meant for all occasions. The pieces are so flexible and timeless that they automatically become heirloom pieces. Something that was made in 1980s is being proudly worn by my granddaughters who are 10-years-old and absolutely in love with these jewelery pieces,” she concludes. 

This private exhibition will be held from August 22-23  between 11 am and 7 pm at Thistle, Business Center at Conrad Pune, Mangaldas Road

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