Ticket to stardom

Alisha Shinde
Monday, 28 May 2018

City-based DJ duo and music producers Anil and Sunil Sindagi, who go by the name Project 91, talk about their track Palani which has been chosen as the anthem for a leading dance-music festival in Belgium

Brothers Anil and Sunil Sindagi, popularly known as Project 91, have been working as EDM (Electronic Dance Music) DJ and music producers for the past few years. Now, they have gained global recognition for their track Palani, which has been chosen as the anthem for Dance D Vision, a dance-music festival held in Belgium every year.   

Sunil, who has been DJ-ing since he was 16, started by combining electronic dance music with Bollywood melodies. “When I started collaborating with my brother, who too is a DJ, I started merging sounds, which we created, while producing music,” says Sunil. Going a level higher, the DJ duo formed Project 91. Since then, there has been no looking back. 

Recently, Sunil decided to send his track titled About You to various international artists hoping to get recognition from one of them. Little did he know that Belgium producers Dimaro and Blvckprint would love it. “They liked the style of our track and wanted to collaborate with us on the same for the festival anthem,” says Sunil. 

He is excited that their hard work has paid off and is now gaining global recognition. “This was the driving factor for us, so we started working hard on the track with the Belgium producers,” says Sunil adding that in less than a week they were successful enough to produce the festival anthem Palani. The track has been created in collaboration with Dimaro and Blvckprint and famous Swedish DJ Antoine’s label Houseworks and Kontor, which is one of the biggest labels in Germany, have released it. 

Talking about the inspiration behind the track, Sunil says, “I have been following and listening to Dutch duo Zonderling’s tracks and the beats of their songs, and the rhythm helped me develop our anthem.” About the music festival for which the anthem has been made, Sunil says, “Dance D Vision is an annual dance-music festival which is held at Zottegem in Belgium. It will be held on August 3 and 4 this year.”

Sunil says that they were one of the lucky few whose work was appreciated and supported by Hardwell who is a well-known DJ across the globe. “We signed our single track titled We are Invincible, released by the Dutch DJ’s label Revealed Recordings,” says Sunil adding that the track also gained support from EDM sensations Dash Berlin and Ummet Ozcan, to name a few. 

When asked how DJ-ing has changed over the years at a personal level for him, Sunil says, “When I first got into DJ-ing back in 2009 I used to perform using CDs,” he says adding that digital technology has changed the way music is produced and played nowadays. “Everyone is now using pen drives and laptops as a source of creating music,” he adds. 

He further says that the music scene in India has changed over the years. “Indians now accept everything from Bollywood music to electronic dance music,” he says. Sunil also strongly believes that DJ-ing as a career too has changed. “Back in the day, DJ-ing was a hobby or more like a part-time job but now it has become a full-time career option and is not looked down upon anymore,” he says. 

A message that he would like to give to youngsters, especially those who are seriously considering a career in DJ-ing and music production, is that it is extremely important to focus on music and keep it simple. “This is a field which needs a lot of patience, hard work and determination,” he says adding that people have to experiment and be open to different styles of music. 

Along with his brother, Sunil also runs an academy named ‘S & A DJ Academy’ to help and promote new talent and help them understand how music production and DJ-ing can be an art to compete with the best of best in the industry and sustain the talent.

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