A summer home

Mahesh M
Wednesday, 3 April 2019

To make the best of the summer season and enjoy the indoors, here are some amazing and budget-friendly home dcor ideas

You spend a lot of time and energy doing up your home with love and care to ensure a positive and relaxing ambience for you and your family. This summer, rethink the interiors and infuse some more warmth, colour and gaiety to enjoy the seasonal flavours.  

A DASH OF COLOUR: If you want to bring the outdoors inside, then include accents of yellow, green, blue and even pink in your home decor. From your bed furnishing to your vase, let these colours bring the spirit of summer with them. Be it sofa cushions in coral pink or a living room carpet in lime green, let your colours do the talking, refresh your ambience and give your home the summer streak that it needs.

TIE-DYE: Arts-and-crafts never disappoint, its childish charm can light up any home. So, get your younger one on board to help you in picking colours, prints and even tie- dying it! Tie-dying is a fun bonding experience that’ll make your summer even more special. Cushions, table cloths or even napkins — tie-dye makes even the simplest pieces pop in a monochromatic styled home.

KITCHEN GARDEN: Now, it’s all about sustainability and being environmentally conscious. You can do your part by incorporating certain practices at home. For example, you don’t need an outdoor space to have your own garden — indoor kitchen gardening is a blooming trend. If your kitchen has sufficient light and space, you can grow your own herbs. Old tea cups double as flowers pots and liven up the kitchen.

LIVING WALLS: Talking about flowers, plants and sustainability, how can we forget the new trend of the year — breathable walls. Your bathroom wall can be the ideal space for an experience that feels exotic and refreshing. Bring in better quality of air with plants such as succulents and ferns that are comparatively low in maintenance.

ARTFUL ARTEFACTS: Another way to accentuate the summer theme would be to place quirky and innovative artefacts in the corners of your home. These elements tell a story; and with the right pieces, you help uplift the aura of your abode. Rustic metallic artefacts break the sharpness of bright summer shades and also add a different element of texture to a living space.

DEFINE YOUR COSY CORNER: A balcony sit-out, study room or even an occasional seating in your living room — you might have your favourite spot in the house. Make that corner perfect for the summer with cushions that make you feel comfy and cosy. Play with patterns — go for tropical, geometric, textured or dual toned pieces to liven up the room.

(The writer is CEO, Creaticity)

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