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Amrita Prasad
Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Adhuna Bhabani, founder and creative director, BBlunt, tells you how to stay chic and comfy this summer with simple hairstyles and easy haircare

While summer is the best time to sport pastel colours, floral prints, snazzy sunglasses and fancy footwear, it may not be so easy to style your hair. The heat, sweat and dust can lead to messy tresses. 

However, with a few quick tips from Adhuna Bhabani, renowned hairstylist and founder and creative director, BBlunt, you can tame your mane and get all the attention for your crown.  

What are some of the haircuts that one must try this summer? 
People should opt for easy and hassle-free looks. The hairstyle must ensure flexibility. Geometric shapes with soft textures will be the rage this season. The bowl or the halo haircut is a must-try. Use products that work well with natural texture. Easy and relaxed styles will be popular with a strong influence from the ’70s. Hair will always be easier to maintain if it’s worn in its natural form.  

What hair colours/ streaks would you suggest for the summer season for Indian skin tones and weather? 
Indian hair is different. While the hair canvas in the West serves as a fresh base for any colour, choosing a hair colour for Indian skin tone can be slightly more difficult. You need to pick a shade that complements your skin tone, eye colour, personality as well as the predominant colour in your wardrobe. You can choose from a variety of soft-warm browns like honey caramel, mahogany to deep burgundy or wine, rich chocolates, coffee browns and vibrant reds. Another colour trend to watch out for is blue-black —  this is simply black hair with a tint of blue, it looks both classic and cool. The bold and experimental at heart can opt for poppy blues, pinks or even soft pastels. A colour that enhances the shape of a cut can be a great addition to the feel-good factor. Gold and light brown shades flatter warm tones and cooler ones can experiment with reds or blues.  

What is a perfect summer haircare regimen? 
Shampoo at least twice or thrice a week. Don’t forget to use a shampoo and conditioner that is best suited for your scalp and hair type. Prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to a greasy scalp and dry ends. Use of dry shampoo is a must.  

What are some of the mistakes people commit that ruin their hair in summer? 
The use of heated styling tools is a no-no. But if you are at all using them, remember that the key is to always use protection. Quality styling products with heat-protecting properties will protect your hair.  

Bob cuts and short hair have become a rage among women. Tell us about this shift? 
It’s been a gradual shift. There will always be trend setters and there will always be followers. It’s a cycle.

What is your comment on the blonde hair trend? 
Blonde, as a global shade, doesn’t usually work on Indian skin tone as a rule, but if used in some areas or as highlights, it can be fun. 

Here are some easy tips to get salon-like hair colour at home:

selecting the kit 
It is necessary to select a colouring kit depending on what you want. For instance, if you wish to hide your grey hair, select a kit to help you do just that. Be wise when choosing your kit. There are hair colour options in the market that offer 100 per cent  grey coverage. 

the right shade
It is important to select the right shade so that it complements your skin tone. Choose a shade that, if not completely the same, is almost similar to your skin tone. Hair colour that complements the skin tone looks nothing short of gorgeous.

Ensure your hair 
is clean
Try keeping your hair as clean as possible before colouring your hair. 

Go for the shine
Hair colour often doesn’t give you the shine you want. Along with a great shade, make sure to choose a hair colour that gives a great shine. Shine serums generally do the trick.  

Avoid stains on your skin
Often while colouring your hair, stains remain along the hairline. To avoid this, apply Vaseline or chapstick. Another option could be dabbing some eye make-up remover on the stain to remove it.

Know how to apply hair colour
It is important to apply hair colour correctly in order to ensure it stays for long. Many a time, we apply it wrong and wonder why it has faded so soon. Hence, applying it right from the root is necessary to ensure that it is long lasting.  

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