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ST Correspondent
Tuesday, 28 August 2018

On National Sports Day,  couturier and creative director at Amazon Fashion, Narendra Kumar, tells you how to stay stylishly fit this season

A refreshing morning run, an intensive workout session or an outdoor game is what you need to work towards your fitness goals. And if you have been lagging behind, it’s time to renew your fitness vows on National Sports Day today. However, along with fitness, you also need the right kind of sporting and active gear that combines technical qualities with design which is perfect for your chosen sport. Narendra Kumar, ace designer and creative director at Amazon Fashion, has curated trendy sportswear for your wardrobe this season so that you can stay active and stylish too. 

Sports shoes are the most important part of your active wardrobe. Invest in a good pair to avoid injuries and for maximum comfort. Check the sole and ankle support, and look for additional features like shock absorbance and motion control while making a selection.  Opt for colours and styles that befit your requirements. A hint of neon mixed with classic shades and a mesh upper is the way to go this season.
Sports leggings and joggers
Sports leggings not just look crisp but are also designed to absorb moisture and give you the best fit. They are versatile and flexible, effortlessly supporting activities ranging from a high endurance workout to a soothing yoga session. Incorporate some colour into your sportswear by switching your plain black leggings with ones in vivacious prints, distinct patterns and side panels. You can pair these with T-shirts, tank tops, sports bras or hoodies.

Athleisure sports bra
Sports bras are an absolute must have and are designed to provide you with maximum support. Sports bras have become a running hit owing to their flexible non-restricting make. There are different styles to pick from such as racerback and front closure. You can also choose from high, medium and low impact depending on the type of activity you are involved in. They not just work well but also look great. Pair them with joggers and a hoodie or with leggings. You could also add some funk to your look with neon sports bras.

Sports casuals
Sports casuals are easy to wear and low maintenance. They are designed to endure the daily wear and tear. Joggers, T-shirts, track pants, hoodies and a comfortable pair of shorts are a must. They specially come handy on days you would like to place comfort above all. Opt for breathable and sweat wicking fabrics that don’t restrain your movement.

Sports accessories
Active wear is incomplete without the necessary accessories that can enhance your experience and complement the entire look. Carry all your essentials in a gym duffle and you could also use fitness tracker and wristbands. Choose from the styles that are functional and are moisture absorbents. 

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