Style check with Rahul Hazari

Sejal Gupta
Monday, 21 January 2019

This Pune boy is one of the seven finalists, who will now compete for the title of MTV Pantaloons Style Superstars

Pune lad Rahul Hazari is one of the seven finalists across the country, who will now compete for the prestigious title of MTV Pantaloons Style Superstars. The contest, which will air on MTV soon, is a platform for fashionistas to showcase their talent, flair for fashion and individual style quotient. The other contestants include Nishtha Pathak and Aryan Gupta from Delhi, Sneha Ramdev from Ahmedabad, Anusha Arora from Indore, Amar Ojha from Goa and Sharmishtha Chatterjee from Dehradun. They have been shortlisted from amongst 5000 contestants who participated in the fashion contest. The winner will feature in the webisodes telecast by MTV and rub shoulders with the who’s who of music and fashion fraternity.

Talking to Hazari, we find out more about his journey and the experience of competing for the title. The 22-year-old says the journey was like a roller coaster ride, ‘full of ups and downs’. “Coming from a small town in Jammu where there weren’t too many opportunities, I made my way to Pune to pursue my education and follow my passion. I went from being a regular MBA student at Singhad Institute of Management Pune, to a contestant in the MTV reality show. I think that was a journey in itself for me,” says Hazari.

It was during his graduation days that Hazari realised that he had a flair for modelling. But he also knew that education was equally important and he had to find a balance between the two. Coming to Pune was the best decision because it brought out that balance that he needed in his career. 

“Back in my hometown, I grabbed every opportunity that I could and participated in various fashion shows. However, they were never really big opportunities that would give me a break or a platform. It was not until MTV Pantaloons Style Superstar happened that I knew what I was capable of,” says Hazari adding, “I believe this platform is the way  forward to other such opportunities which would help me grow and pursue my career as a model.”

Hazari went through three rounds of auditions to get to the top seven. “It is a delight when you find out that you have been selected from 5000 participants across 11 states of India to be  among the top 7 contestant of this show. You know you are doing something right to be selected!” he quips. 

The overall experience that he had on the show was definitely a ‘kick-ass’ one. “I got to meet so many people and learnt a lot from the show as well as the judges and the contestants. I am sure this is just the beginning and I have a long way to go,” he adds.

It was quite natural to talk sartorial with the upcoming model. Hazari points out that fashion is not something that has to do with just the clothes and the fashion labels that one decides to wear. “It is about feeling confident about your choices and owning your look. Don’t be afraid to try out new things. The key is to keep it interesting and surprising yourself by experimenting with your looks or your clothes,” he says.

Hazari loves sporting ethnic and the corporate powerhouse. 

“The one thing that I am extremely particular about wearing is shoes. A man is defined by his choice in shoes, so for me footwear plays an important role,” he mentions. 

When asked what is that one thing that budding artists should keep in mind, Hazari replies, “The Law of Attraction is real and  always remember that come what may, you have to stay positive. Appreciation and criticism are a part of growth so you must welcome both when you receive it. Hard work always pays off and I am right here an example of it.”

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