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Ayushi Garg
Monday, 3 July 2017

Don’t let the rains play spoilsport with your fashion sensibilities. Here are a few tips on how to look chic and cool.

Don’t let the rains play spoilsport with your fashion sensibilities. Here are a few tips on how to look chic and cool.

The new academic year, almost always clashes with the monsoon. So kids straight-from-school to junior college might want to make a stylish impact on their batch-mates and seniors... but rains play spoilsport. Can they? Here are a few style tips from fashion bloggers and some students, who tell you how to stay safe and dry, while upping your monsoon fashion quotient. Dress up in stylish raincoats, or use umbrellas in pretty colours, drape a scarf, and sport jelly footwear or flip flops. And, you are good to go!

Fashion blogger Kautuka Shah Gandhi and Anavi Kalia, give away a few handy fashion tips for collegians: 

What kind fabrics do you mostly prefer wearing in the monsoons?
Cottons are my option for monsoon as they are light and comfortable.  Avoid wearing silk.

What dresses can the girls sport? 
Wear a trench coat or a skirt with your formal shirt and you are good to go. Bright colours and colour blocking during monsoon season looks super trendy.

What kind of accessories are good for the rainy season? 
Avoid wearing jewellery or wear a scarf to protect it.

Any suggestions for mix and match trends?
Wear your Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) rain boots with your trench coats!

What types of bags and belts are in vogue?
Take out your plastic transparent bags! They are classy and waterproof at the same time.

Do you use any fancy rain coats or rain accessories?
I usually carry a cute pink umbrella.
— Anavi Kalia  (


What are the trending colours and cuts this monsoon for college-going youngsters?
I don’t believe in a particular colour per season. If paired well, all colours look great in every season. It’s fun wearing something bright like yellow, tangerine or royal blue to beat the blues on a cloudy day. 
When it comes to styles, bell sleeves are all the rage right now. And so are ruffles! Light coloured printed dresses also work well in the monsoons and so do culottes.

What types of fabrics are ideal to wear during the rainy season?
Cotton and georgette are the easiest to dry! Georgette shirts make for the perfect work/college wear anytime during the year. Cotton midi dresses are light and comfortable and can be worn all day.

Are short dresses ideal for monsoon? If yes, what styles are in?
Absolutely! My personal favourites have been shift dresses, especially dresses with dramatic sleeves like balloon or retro ruffle sleeves. Striped shirt dresses, gingham dresses and playsuits in solid colors are ideal picks for any occasion.

Denims are an everyday wear. But is the thick fabric good for the rains considering they take too long to dry?
Gone are the days when denims were just the thick fabric. Today, we have lightweight and soft denim wear. Cropped denims with statement blouses or denim shirt dresses are trends that have worked amazingly well.

Any suggestions for mix and match?
Jackets of any and every kind are ideal for mix and match!  

— Kautuka Shah Gandhi  (@kautuka and

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