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Saturday, 26 May 2018

The second generation Audi RS 5 coupe costs less than its competitors, but performs equally well

Audi has launched the second-generation RS 5 coupé in India. Producing peak power of 450bhp, the car will compete with BMW M4 and Mercedes AMG C63. Closer to the BMW M4 — as the two are essentially two door coupes whereas the C63 is a sedan — the RS 5 is one of the most attractive Audis yet. Equipped with an all-wheel drive system, the car is part of Audi’s range of high performance versions of certain car models. Combining modern Audi sports car attributes to an elegant two-door coupe form, the RS 5 flaunts black head lamp and tail lamp shells, a gloss black grille with ‘quattro’ on it at front. 

Oozing with style 

Attractive looking 20-inch dia alloys mark the sides, they are however optional. The standard ones are 19-inch dia in size. The mild bulge around the wheel arches adds to the car’s overall styling. Equipped with a diffuser, which gives the impression of being more visual than functional, the RS 5 sports two massive oval tail pipes. What makes the rear styling of the car stand out is the way the roof tapers down. It rakes sharply, and makes for an elegant flow of lines. 

A touch of sportiness 

The interior of the RS 5 looks identical to that of the A5, and to an extent, the A4. The flat-bottom steering wheel and the layout for the Virtual Cockpit digital dials add a touch of sportiness to the cabin. The front seats look thick and chunky. Highly supportive, they offer a plethora of adjustments apart from a massage function. An interesting feature is a plastic arm that offers seatbelt to those at the front. The seats at the rear have less legroom and is a bit of a squeeze. But the ample glass area keeps from feeling claustrophobic. Quality and fit-finish is typically Audi, and hard to fault. In the comfort mode, the Audi RS 5 feels highly refined and the three-digit territory is easily achieved. Only when you look at the speedometer, you realise it. 

The speedster 

It may not be as much fun as the M4, but the RS 5 has a personality of its own. The new 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 engine that is also found on the Porsche Panamera presents the coupe with an uncanny ability to perform and gain speed in a manner that is quite unassuming. The 20-inch dia wheels, despite having a lower aspect ratio, manage to support a ride that does not help realise the speeds that are achieved quickly. The secret of such a blistering performance is the fact that the new V6 motor generates the same amount of power as the V8 motor of the earlier model. Peak torque generated by the new motor is 170Nm more than what the V8 motor produced! Routing power through an eight-speed torque convertor auto transmission to all the wheels, the RS 5 is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100kmph in four seconds, and is even more quick in the dynamic mode.  


The all-wheel drive system ensures that power and torque are put down on the road in the most efficient way. The quattro allocates power to the wheels that are in most contact with the surface below, ensuring that progress is made quickly, and in a predictable manner. Exhibiting vice-like grip, the RS 5 feels more agile than the earlier model. The steering weighs up well, but could be better. 
At Rs 1.10 crore, ex-showroom, the Audi RS 5 costs less than its competitors by a big margin, but is no less when it comes to performance. 

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