Stardom has become a basic commodity: Vikram Bhatt

Debarati Palit Singh
Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Vikram Bhatt talks about Spotlight season II and how makers can’t sell their web content simply on the basis of erotica

After the success of Spotlight season I, which starred Tridha Choudhary and Sid Makkar, Vikram Bhatt is gearing up for Spotlight Season II. The web series will be released on Viu, the global video on demand platform by Vuclip and PCCW.

The writer, director, producer and actor says, “The whole idea of Spotlight is that we want to turn it into a brand or franchise. It’s not the continuation of the story, though the underline theme, trail and tribulation remains the same. It shows how people’s lives change when they are under the spotlight.”

While Spotlight was about a Bollywood superstar who yearned for true love, season II revolves around a star singer who is on the verge of career-suicide. Unhinged by criticism, his arrogance, addiction and his public stunts have got him in trouble but his only saving grace during his downfall is his former lover Jyotika. The series, which is scheduled to go online in the first week of October, stars Karan V Grover and Aditi Arya.

Vikram is happy with the positive response the first season has received. “The reason we decided to go with the next season is because of the response. Nobody has made a part II of a flop series in 25 years,” he says, though he refuses to comment on whether the show has made money commercially. “You need to ask the commerce part to Viu,” he adds.

Filmmakers are getting into the web space because they can make all kind of content without thinking about censorship and these series are also getting attention from audience because of it’s adult content. Vikram’s Maya was in the limelight because of it’s erotic content. But Vikram maintains that all kind of content will be made on web. “I admit that Maya was totally erotic because it demanded it. But Gehraiyaan wasn’t erotic. You can’t draw attention to shows just on the basis of sexual content because people today have easy access to porn, so why would they watch an erotic thriller or show,” says Vikram adding, “You have to give something different to them.”

The filmmaker known for films like Raaz, 1920, and Haunted among others, believes that films can no more be sold on the basis of the actor because stardom is not the same anymore. “Stardom has become a basic commodity. Stars are on social media today and they are regularly interacting with the audience. You catch them at the airport or anywhere. I remember when I was a kid, we use to wait and pay for the tickets to watch a film as there was so much of curiosity because we hardly got to see them (stars). We can no more sell a project just on the name of the star, the content has to be good.”

It’s not just web, Vikram is busy with projects across mediums. “I have finished shooting for 1921. I am a man who does a lot of things and I enjoy it. I am also making my own show on VB on web. I like working on several things simultaneously,” he signs off.

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