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Saturday, 29 July 2017

With good build quality, great style and comfortable ride, Yamaha FZ25 makes a good city and highway bike

The FZ25 from Yamaha marks an entry-level performance bike. In what could be termed as a bigger form of sports motorcycles that Yamaha has been introducing in India, including the R15 and the FZ16, the FZ25 marks a move up for those who are looking at bikes that flaunt a quality build, style and riding pleasure. Building over the FZ160, the first quarter-litre Yamaha bike in India takes the FZ series styling to a new level, but is not forceful or ‘beefed-up’. Ensuring good proportions, the styling of the FZ25 instead seeks centralised weight distribution. 

The front is dominated by a split LED head lamp positioned in a fairing of just the right size. The muscular 14-litre tank with deep knee recess and a carved out portion at the top is central to the bike’s sporty stance. It looks inspired by the big Yamaha machines, thus providing a ‘connect’. Like the FZ16, the FZ25 too flaunts a black plastic stripe on the top of the tank. 

The large seat offers good comfort and the pillion seat too is comfortable. Exhibiting good build quality are the switches, grips and others bits. Digital instrument includes a speedo, tacho and per-litre fuel consumption indicator, among others. 

Offering a slightly forward leaning riding position with foot pegs set slightly to the rear, the FZ25 takes off without any lag. Powering the bike is a 20.9PS, 249cc, single-cylinder air cooled fuel-injected engine. Accelerating briskly, the bike feels quite refined. The mid-range delivery of the engine, which is claimed to have been borrowed from Yamaha XT250 and tweaked to suit Indian riding conditions, is quite good too. 

On an open road, the five-speed gearbox ensures that the bike offers a relaxed ride at speeds. The ability of the FZ25 to offer an enthusiastic ride at lower revs, and to provide a relaxed ride at higher speeds makes it easy and fun to ride in the city as well as on the highway. If this characteristic makes the FZ25 suitable for long distance riding, it also makes it a good everyday commuter. Offering a relaxed ride even at speeds in the region of 110kmph, the bike went on to achieve a top speed of 135kmph. The exhaust note of the FZ25 is surprisingly quite similar to that of the FZ16.  

Borrowing the chassis from the FZ16, the FZ25 is equipped with 100/80-17 tyre at the front, and 140/70-17 at the rear. Claimed to sport softer rubber compound, the tyres and a long swingarm ensure the ride height of this bike is slightly higher than that of the FZ16. While the front includes 41mm dia front forks, the rear suspension of the FZ25 includes a monoshock. If the 148kg kerb weight provides the bike with a very good power to weight ratio, the grippy tyres and a well-configured suspension has the bike displaying a very good poise on the highway. Most undulations and other irregularities are tackled well. The 282mm dia front disc and 220mm dia rear disc provide the FZ25 with a good bite. The absence of ABS is felt when riding on wet surfaces when braking hard. 

Leave for the lack of ABS, the FZ25 impresses with its ability to be frugal. Under a combination of chaotic city and spirited highway riding, the bike displayed an average of 41kmpl, which makes it frugal indeed. Competitively priced at Rs 1.2 lakh ex-showroom Pune approximately, the FZ25 impresses with its ability to offer a sporty ride, which is quick, refined and unintimidating.   

Pros: Sporty, refined, build quality
Cons: Lack of ABS


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