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Debarati Palit Singh
Monday, 23 July 2018

Composers Saurabh Shetye and Durgesh Khot, who have composed the promotional anthem for Milind Ukey’s upcoming Marathi film Monsoon Football, talk about the brief given to them, balancing between film and independent music and how they are loving the new sound that is coming up in Marathi film industry

Young composer duos like Rohan-Rohan (Rohan Gokhale and Rohan Pradhan), Siddharth Mahadevan and Soumil Shringarpure and others are changing the sound track in Marathi cinema. In fact, these new age composers are creating waves not just within the industry but also among the listeners. 

Composer duo Saurabh Shetye and Durgesh Khot, who have composed music for films, background scores, TVCs and corporate AVs, are among those musicians, whose compositions are creating a difference. The music director duo has composed the promotional anthem for Milind Ukey’s upcoming film Monsoon Football, a sport-centric film. The motivational song is dedicated to every woman who wishes to continue living her dream without a question.

“Football has always been a beloved sport for us, and this is one of the most energetic and inspirational tracks we’ve done until now. Really looking forward to the movie, and to get this song heard by all,’’ says the duo, who have composed music in the movies like Anaan, Pappu Ki Pugdandi, Amrita and I and many more. 

What was the brief given to you two while composing the promotional anthem of Monsoon Football?
SAURABH: Director Milind Ukey sat down with us to discuss the song and in the process, he gave us a background of the movie, and where the song would be placed. It is an anthem song for the characters in the movie. His basic emphasis was that the song had to be energetic, yet soulful, as it comes at crucial moments in the story. 
DURGESH: It had to have an expression of freedom, and strength as well. There’s also a victory chant in the song which makes it end on a high note. We hope this song will resonate with all the fighters out there.

Considering the film is about football and revolves around women, did you take any kind of inspiration?
DURGESH: We have always been passionate about football, so it was like a dream come true to be involved in such a project. This will hopefully be reflected in the song as well. We are also at the dawn of a new society with gender equality in every field and thought. So it was an honour to work on a song and film like this one, and cheer on to a brighter, balanced future.

In spite of being busy with your music career as a composer, you keep coming up with covers on your YouTube channel like Saurabh did the cover of Ed Sheeran’s Perfect. What is the motivation for it?
SAURABH: We are basically connoisseurs of music and do not differentiate based on the forms. So, in addition to composing our own music, being music lovers, we enjoy covering or experimenting on any good song that might come our way.

The two of you also balance between film and independent music…
DURGESH: Film music is the sound we’ve heard for most of our lives. But independent music gives us a chance to explore the unexplored, with a myriad of genres and topics that wouldn’t normally have a place in cinema. Since we arrange and produce for most of our tracks, we get to bring out all the crazy musical ideas within us. Having said that, composing music for movies also brings its own challenges, and is equally rewarding in a way.

What has been the secret behind your collaboration?
SAURABH: Having performed together in a band for a couple of years, we realised we had similar music tastes and aspirations. So we started this journey with making a few demo tracks, and we were lucky enough to get jolted, and noticed into the industry by some really good people. 
DURGESH: Thanks to the great musical stalwarts, this beginning has culminated into us getting the award for the Best Upcoming Music Composers of the Year as well.

Marathi film industry has seen an emergence of young musicians — singers and composers. How do you look at the competition and talent on the block?
SAURABH: It’s only competition and new talent which makes beginnings for new branches in the current state of things. We are glad to be in an era where Marathi film industry is flourishing, in state, nation and globally. We love the new sound that is coming up, and would love to add to it even more.

What are your upcoming projects?
DURGESH: We are definitely excited about Monsoon Football and can’t wait to see how it turns out. We have a Bollywood project, which is in its pre-production stage, and also several amazing short films to be released soon. There’re also a number of independent music projects which will be out soon, starting off with Nainon Ki Arziyaan, in three languages, featuring the superstars Vijay Deverakonda and Malobika Banerjee. We are thankful for all the love we’ve received, and hope our listeners keep loving us, and stay tuned!

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