Small is big

Ambika Shaligram
Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Artist Hoshnar Kaikobad is displaying his oil paintings done on small canvas at an exhibition starting today

Travel opens your mind to possibilities and perspectives; it acts as a muse, serving to enhance your personality. Hoshnar Kaikobad, a city-based artist, vouches for it, with his upcoming exhibition at Darpan Art Gallery.

Titled When my canvas shrunk again, it displays paintings inspired by his travels to North East, Ladakh, Goa and Europe. And, going by the title of the exhibition, the paintings have been done on small canvas. Explaining the concept, Kaikobad says, “We often judge the quality of the painting by its size, which isn’t correct. Most of the world famous paintings are not big, take Mona Lisa for instance.” 

Kaikobad decided to work on small canvas out of curiosity. “A stationery shop in my neighbourhood was closing down and the owner gifted me a small canvas pad. While flipping through it, I wondered how would the paintings look on this canvas size. I tried out a couple of paintings and they looked nice,” says he.

After working some more on them, the artist realised the advantages — it took him less time to paint, the colours dried off soon and they could be sold at cheaper rates. In the art gallery though, Kaikobad will be displaying 65-70 paintings in varying sizes — 12x9 inches to 15x11 inches. He will also put up four big ones in 36x24 inches just to bring out the differences between the two.  

The art works will include the pristine beauty of Ladakh, the greenery of the North East, the beaches of Goa and the parks he saw in Paris and Rome. “I went to France and Italy with friends who went for their office work. I used to spend entire days at art galleries. I wanted to check out old master paintings, I really admire. I went to Louvre, but since it’s so big I decided to focus on the Renaissance and Impressionists art period. Louvre has the original paintings of artists like Rembrandt, Monet, Van Gogh. In Rome and Florence, I saw David’s statue by Michaelangelo and also Uffizi gallery. I also went around parks there, which are much better maintained as compared to ours. Also, they are not crowded as our public spaces are,” he added. 

Kaikobad, who has had 14 solo exhibitions so far, will also be displaying some still life paintings based on memorabilia seen by him. He will have some charcoal sketches that were done on location in Kaziranga and Jorhat and their oil replicas too. “I had put up in a lodge and would travel to Jorhat, Kaziranga and Shillong. Since it’s tedious to work with oils on the spot — as the colours don’t dry soon — I used charcoal to make some sketches as references. On return to Pune, I recreated them in oil colours,” explains the artist. 

Hoshnar Kaikobad’s art exhibition When my canvas shrunk again, will be displayed at Darpan Art Gallery, opp Vikhe-Patil School, off Senapati Bapat Road, from August 22-28, 11.30 am - 7.30 pm

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