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Anjali Jhangiani
Sunday, 14 October 2018

Founder and CEO Hitesh Ahuja tells us why Yumlane’s frozen pizzas are the perfect healthy and tasty snacks

While some decisions are literally impossible to make, concluding whether you want pizza or not doesn’t even require a second thought. While you might cringe with a feeling of guilt thinking how much you love the cheesy treat, but how detrimental it might be to your health (or waistline), Yumlane brings you a range of snacks that will make you leap with joy. Their range of pizzas in snack-size portions are claimed to be the perfect option for the slight hunger that might strike you between meals.
Hitesh Ahuja, founder and CEO, Yumlane, tells us more. 
Not junk food

While the popular notion is that pizza is junk food, the brand denies such harsh allegations against the beloved treat. “Yumlane’s pizzas cannot be considered as junk food for a few reasons — there are no added preservatives as we use the latest technology in packaging to preserve them. We also source the freshest ingredients from high quality manufacturers and make sure that the vegetables, paneer and cheese used do have high nutritional value. We ensure that the highest quality standards are adhered to during the manufacturing of our products to serve the freshest pizzas to our consumers,” says Ahuja. 

As the adage goes, everything is good in moderation. But ‘moderation’ may have different connotations to different people. So the brand steps up here to make sure their pizzas are portion-controlled. “Ideally, we recommend one portion of Yumlane’s pizzas per person as it is a wholesome snack. However, some of our users can’t resist eating just one and we have found instances wherein people also share the pizza with their friends or family,” he says.

While the base is made with plain flour, there is 100 per cent Mozzarella cheese (not mixed with Cheddar responsible for double the amount of cholesterol) on top. “While it varies from product to product, our pizzas have adequate amount of proteins and fibres in the form of vegetables added as toppings that thereby ensure a healthy consumption. We also make our in-house sauces,” says Ahuja.
Frozen and safe
One might have certain reservations about frozen food — it might not be fresh, it might not have been stored properly causing contamination, and so on. Ahuja believes that people are changing their attitude towards such concerns. “Customers are becoming more open as their awareness has increased, thus ensuring they make a sound decision while buying products. All our products are certified by the food authorities and are perfectly safe for consumption. We have also collaborated with one of India’s leading cold chain logistics company to ensure that a perfect product in the correct temperature is available for our customers, and we pay utmost of attention to the packaging using the latest technology,” he says. 

Heat and eat
Don’t have a microwave? No worries. Heating the pizza in the microwave oven or OTG is not the only way to enjoy the snack, you can also use a regular tawa or pan to take off the chill. “We have a varied consumer target base. With the need for new age snacking growing big every day, we have a huge target base including millennials, working moms, children, and families that want to experiment with alternative snacking options. We currently have six varieties such as the Double Cheese Margherita, Paneer Peri Peri, Mexican Tango, Paneer Tikka, Veg Mozzarella and Paneer Makhani Pizzas. We are looking to add around six more options in the coming months,” informs Ahuja.
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Yumlane products are available at retail chains like D-Mart and Big Bazaar, and on the online grocery and food products provider bigbasket. Currently, Yumlane’s products are available in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune and Hyderabad.

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