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Alisha Shinde
Friday, 1 June 2018

Cafe Coffee Day launches the Latte Art Festival to show their patrons how to make beverages more fun

Such is the norm today that if I see someone digging into their food or beverage as soon as it arrives on their table, it shocks me. You have to click a picture of whatever you are going to consume, shouldn’t you? And there are many joints that serve Insta-worthy treats. Cafe Coffee Day has joined them by  kicking off a Latte Art Festival. Coffee addicts can bring along their social butterfly friends and click away. 

Latte art is an integral part of the coffee world making a latte or a cappuccino even more tempting and appealing for the masses, though a lot of hard wok and skill goes into creating an elegant latte art and only experts can create it. This festival aims at making Latte art interactive. You can pick any one from five basic latte art designs – rosette, tulip, heart, double heart and a wave heart – and ask the staff to make them on your cup of coffee. Not only will they make your beverage a pretty piece of art which you can sip on, they will also show you how to do it. And if you ask nicely, they might even teach you a trick or two. 

Talking about the concept of the festival, Sesh Rao, coffee guru, says, “While serving coffee, the most important thing for us is to bring a smile on the customer’s face and these art works on a good cup of coffee just get you brownie points.” 

He adds that no matter how easy or complex the design is, when it is made in front of the customers, just for them, they are thrilled.

Since latte is so boring looking, but doesn't come any cheaper, why not funk it up with some art? Rao explains that milk forms the base of a latte, so using it as a medium to create beautiful designs adds to the taste and texture of the beverage, making it smoother and richer. 

Nirav Shah, training manager, talks about the changing 'coffee culture' in a cosmopolitan city like Pune. He says, “Technology has not only brought people together, but their food too. Latte art is gaining popularity because of its picture-worthiness.” 

The Latte Art Festival is happening at select CCD outlets across Pune.

The festival is ongoing till June 8 at selected CCD outlets in Pune. Here is the list of the outlets – MG Road, Cybercity Magarpatta, Koregaon Park, Phoenix MarketCity, Panchshill IT Park, Persian Cyber Cafe at Viman Nagar, FC Road, Bangalore-Mumbai-Pune highway, Wakad Mumbai-Pune highway and Pimple Saudagar. 

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