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Debarati Palit
Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Tulsi Kumar, who has sung The Google Song from Mubarakan, says that when there are too many singers involved in a track, the energy doubles

The Google Song is an expression-oriented, full-of-energy kind of number and it was a lovely experience creating it

If you get to hear Tulsi Kumar singing a party number, do not be surprised. The singer has sung the peppy The Google Song in Arjun Kapoor-starrer Mubarakan and says that she is experimenting with the genre. “There are so many party numbers being composed nowadays and I too am experimenting with it. The Google Song is an expression-oriented, full-of-energy kind of number and it was a lovely experience creating it. Quite different from the soft tracks that I usually sing. Youngsters will be able to relate to it,” says the pretty singer.

Tulsi, along with Sonu Nigam, Armaan Malik, Amaal Malik and Neeti Mohan, have sung the song. Adding further, she says, “This is a special, beautiful song with wonderful singers. It’s a celebration track and the audience is enjoying it,” she says.

She adds that young composer Amaal Malik has added a lot of youth element to the song. “Sonu ji is heading the singers and it’s a great experience singing together. When you have too many singers involved the energy doubles and there’s a lot of enthusiasm. I had similar fun when I sang Saiyaan Superstar and Gulabo.”

But on the flip side, there is a possibility of losing your voice in the crowd. However, Tulsi clarifies that nothing of the sort has happened. “Every character has his/ her own voice. At the end of the day, we want to get associated with good tracks and that matters a lot,” she says.
Though she is singing a party number, Tulsi herself is a romantic person and loves listening to sad romantic numbers. “But it also depends on my mood. If I am in a mood to party, then I prefer peppy numbers.”

No harm recreating old classics
Lately, it’s become a trend in Bollywood to remake ’80s and ’90s songs. Are writers and composers running out of fresh ideas that they need to rely on popular tracks of yore? “A section of the audience feels that they (composers, singers and writers) are not able to do justice to these songs but there’s another section who enjoys these songs. The fact that they are being enjoyed, is motivating composers to recreate them. Youngsters who haven’t heard the original tracks are connecting with them. If the audience is accepting the tracks, there’s no harm in recreating them,” she says.

She further adds that there’s no dearth of fresh content in the film industry. “But the only thing is that whichever concept clicks, they just go ahead creating similar kind of content. But the fact is that they are putting creativity into the new tracks  and I think it’s a little unfair to compare them with the originals,” says the singer who prefers the old classics. “That’s because I have grown up listening to those tracks and they are in my system.”

Tulsi, who along with Armaan has recreated Tum Jo Aaye from Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai and Tose Naina from Mickey Virus on T-Series’ new episodic album Mixtape, is receiving good response on YouTube for the mash-up. “The whole idea behind Mixtape is to mash up popular numbers and make it sound like one. Youngsters enjoy mash-ups. We are getting very good response because it’s the kind of music that today’s generation wants to listen to,” she says.  

Working on Gulshan Kumar biopic
The Dil Ke Paas, Ishqe Di Lat, Tere Bin Nahi Laage singer calls YouTube and other social media the biggest platforms to showcase talent. “A lot of fresh talent is putting up their work there and getting entry into Bollywood. And because of YouTube and social media, we are getting to see many new talent,” she adds.

The singer admits that she herself is not being able to stay active on her Youtube channel. “I want to put out more content on my channel. In fact, I want to create fresh music for my channel and I am creating an exclusive catalogue for it. Also, my upcoming single Yaad will be out on T-series’ YouTube channel and mine too,” she says.

Ask her about her contribution to the untitled biopic on her late father
and founder of T-series, Gulshan Kumar, and she replies, “Honestly, everyone is going to contribute to the film including my family, office people and people working with T-series,” she says, adding that she will be keenly involved in each and every aspect of the film. “My mom
is turning producer with the project because it’s not a film but an emotional journey for the Kumar family,” she further adds.

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