Singing from the heart

Amrita Prasad
Friday, 30 March 2018

Armaan Malik talks about his latest track which he has sung for Varun Dhawan, creating a name for himself in the industry and the trend of creating remakes which he calls reprised versions

In the age of remixes and raps, his voice is like a breath of fresh air. The 22-year-old Armaan Malik, who has secured his place in Bollywood with chartbusters like Main Hoon Hero Tera, Tumhe Apna Banane Ka, Wajah Tum Ho, Pyaar Manga Hai, Badnaamiyan, Besabriyaan, Sau Aasmano, Jab Tak, and so on, has already won millions of hearts. Recently, the young singer, songwriter and composer sang Theher Ja for October featuring Varun Dhawan, and he feels that his wish has been fulfilled as he always wanted to croon for Varun. 

Here’s chatting up Armaan: 
Tell us about your feeling of singing for Varun Dhawan. How closely do you study a character and the script while singing a song for a film?
- I have always wanted to sing for Varun and finally it happened in Theher Ja for his upcoming film October. With regards to the brief, they didn’t want to reveal much  about the storyline. All I was told was to have a husky tone and a certain kind of restraint in my voice because Varun’s character Dan is requesting the girl, ‘Theher ja tu kisi bahaane se.’ Probably he is still trying to muster the courage to tell Shiuli how he feels about her and I had to bring that feeling to the song.

Given that the film is helmed by Shoojit Sircar, who is known to tell stories in a unique way, did you face any challenges while singing for his film?
- The song and film are definitely unique. I modulated my voice according to the vibe and feel of the song. I didn’t face any challenges as such but I had to keep in mind that I needed to sing in a specific tone. I ensured that my voice in Theher Ja was different from what I have sung in the past. 

You were first noticed at a music reality show at a very young age. What role does TV/ reality shows play in giving a platform to young talent?
- I think it’s a great platform for exposure and to know where you stand among the top singers from across the country. I definitely got a lot of boost and confidence from being on the show. The downside is that no one prepares you for the life that starts after the show ends. Many contestants feel that after winning a competition their careers will take an upswing but later they realise it’s not so easy. 

Coming from a family of musicians, did you find it challenging to create your own identity?
- Not at all. Since I began my journey on a reality show my career took a very different path. I sang for a number of music composers before I sang for my family. One must always try their best to prove their mettle even if they belong to a family from the film industry.  

You are more inclined to soulful and melodious music. But in this age of technology how would you define music?
- Anything that is soulful and touches me is music to me. I have always loved love songs as they speak to me on a deeper level. I can sing a variety of genres but my heart is in love songs. 

What would be your comment on the trend of remixes? Do they lack ingenuity?
- Firstly, they aren’t remixes — they are more like reprised versions. I just feel that the volume of remakes can come down because it’s eating up the space of original music. Even if they are done, they should be done tastefully. I did a few of them and they all got a lot of love from listeners because they were made well by the composers who reprised the tracks. 

You often collaborate with your brother. Does that make it easier for you to create music? What kind of an equation do you share with Amaal personally and professionally?
- We are very close to each other — as brothers, friends and professionals too. Yes, we do collaborate a lot together because we have a great track record together. All our collaborations have worked out phenomenally well and the fans love it whenever we come together. On the other hand, I am also glad that with Theher Ja and a couple of other tracks I am getting to experiment with other composers too and that’s bringing a new colour to my artistry. 

What are your future projects?
- I have a single coming up called Ghar Se Nikalte Hi which is a revisited version of the ’96 hit. It’s a beautifully done version with new verses and I am super excited about it. What’s even more special is that I will feature in the video as well so that’s a double treat for all my Armaanians!

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