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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Stefano Ricci has come out with a luxurious diamond-studded tie collection

Research and quality are the guidelines for the Stefano Ricci tie collection. Each design is created by hand and personally by Stefano Ricci. Starting out as pencil hand-made sketches, the ties are based on a combination of 700 colours and their numerous variations. Hence, giving birth to the 60 to 70 patterns of each collection. 
Stefano Ricci understands the fundamental differences between designing a neck-wear collection and merely selecting a line of ties. Each necktie is completely designed and not chosen. Utilising a particular printing technique called ‘serigrafia’ provides these designs with additional uniqueness. Once this laborious process is completed, the finished silk is transformed into a garment by experienced hands of specialised artisans, who stitch by stitch create the Stefano Ricci Tie. 

There are over 10 different styles that can be printed in thousands of different colour combinations, from silk ties to pleated ties and exclusive styles adorned with hundreds of Swarovski crystals. Stefano Ricci has created the most expensive necktie in the world, not only in monetary terms but also in terms of its opulence and an incomparable quality in regard to colour.

Over the years, Stefano Ricci has surprised his customers with numerous original creations such as the Plissé Model necktie, made of pleated patterned silk, the Multi-Patchwork Tie, a unique creation of 280 tiny silk squares in different patterns, and the Diamond Tie made of black satin silk and 100 diamond stones.

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