A Rocking Time

Alisha Shinde
Thursday, 6 December 2018

The newly opened Classic Rock Coffee Co. is the place for you to visit if you like good food, good music and a good time

Who does not like an awesome sundowner party? But there are only a few places in town that let you enjoy a sunset party with the orange hues up above the world so high! The newly opened Classic Rock Coffee Co. in Viman Nagar, with its gorgeous rooftop, is one such fascinating place. What adds to the happy ambience are the  high chairs, regular community tables, round tables which accommodate 10-12 people surrounded by a water body, and a designated dance floor.
Classic Rock Coffee Co. has a little something to offer to everyone. Enjoy a beer all by yourself while soaking in the evening sun, order some awesome food from an elaborate menu and enjoy it with family or have a couple of cocktails from the bar — either customised or right from the bar menu — and enjoy some live performances with friends every weekend.

We visited Classic Rock Coffee Co. for dinner and began our meal with Chicken Chilli Velvety. Well, the name sure is unusual, but don’t worry it is not something that you will regret eating. The crispy fried chicken tossed in Chinese hot sauces and vegetables and cooked to perfection, has a velvety texture, which is also the reason behind the name. The Chinese sauces are slightly on the spicy side, which make it a perfect dish that can be relished in the winter evenings. The chicken is actually crispy and gets an additional crunch from the tossed vegetables — capsicums, chillies and onions, to name a few.
Douse off the spiciness with a variety of cocktails from the bar, but if you feel like having a mocktail other than the regular ones, talk to the bartender and they will whip out a drink as per your choice and creativeness on their behalf. 

We tried the Naughty Girl — a refreshing watermelon, white rum cocktail with hints of cranberry juice ­— and we loved it. Neither too strong nor too mild, it makes a refreshing drink to sip on while enjoying your meal. But if you are someone who likes a hint of mint in your drinks, you have to try the Kaffir Lime Mojito, which has an amazing amount of white rum, kaffir lime, lime juice and mint. It will leave you asking for more! 

The bar menu at Classic Rock Coffee Co. is quite elaborate which might make it difficult for you to decide, so ask for help and the bartenders will help you choose the right drink that will go well with your meal. The best thing is that the food menu is well balanced with sufficient options to choose from both Indian and Continental food items. 

Who does not enjoy a nice creamy, warm pasta on a cold winter night? The Arrabbiata Chicken Pasta, served with slices of Garlic Bread lightly toasted and topped with crushed garlic, satisfies your pasta cravings. With a tangy and spicy taste, the dish has chunks of chicken and a liberal serving of cheese which makes it rich and creamy. But  remember not to overeat because you simply cannot miss out on the desserts at Classic Rock Coffee Co.
The Walnut Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream should not be missed for the world. The warm pie with an amazing crust and a walnut fudge filling leaves a lingering taste on the palate, especially when had with vanilla ice-cream — the best of both worlds, hot and cold, and the best way to end dinner of course.
But if you are someone who likes a little bit of sizzle in your dessert, you have to try Nutty Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream. It is served on a sizzler plate with hot chocolate sauce and a slice of pineapple placed under the soft and gooey brownie so that it does not burn. But guess what? You have to have this smoky slice of pineapple and you will totally relish it. Unlike other brownies, this Nutty Chocolate Brownie is not at all dry and goes extremely well with the ice cream.
So if you want to have some good food and enjoy a nice evening in good company, you know where to head! 

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Classic Rock Coffee Co. is now open at Town Square, above Dorabjee’s, Viman Nagar, everyday between 6 pm and 3 am

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