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Sakal Times
Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Typewriters Voice, a marketing platform, is promoting digital transformation  and knowledge sharing culture in an innovative way

The art of storytelling has seen a major shift today as it involves narrative designs, new nonlinear and interactive forms of the media. But wanting to keep the art of traditional storytelling alive, Typewriters Voice, compiles visually engaging content for the audience.

With a userbase of 9 Million currently, Typewriters Voice aims to target 100 per cent  growth by 2021. Currently the platform targets the users by creating visually-impactful content, they devise strategies to engage their audience and create an aided-recall. The highest engagement of Typewriters Voice rose to 21 Million views with more than 43,000 shares. Now the platform has expansion plans by targeting the global audience.

According to Jainender Jindal, Founder, TypeWriters Voice, “We started receiving hundreds of messages a day, from the followers, who were able to overcome their emotional issues. We realised that if create more engaging content and start devising strategies to maintain the readership-following, then can achieve a parabolic growth,”

Jindal feels that Data-Analytics has been the game changer in the content-driven services, “Today the mode of storytelling has seen a gradual shift from virtual to visual. We constantly gauge the data-analytics of our platform and create content accordingly. When you’re building a story, data tells you a lot about how to make it effective - even how to help it go viral,” he adds.

The idea of Typewriters Voice was born out of needs when Jindal started looking for a platform that was inspirational but ended up creating one for himself. Typewriters Voice creates visually engaging content that can create an aided-recall among its readers who are looking for some inspiration and peace.

When he started this campaign then very little did he realize that this platform will be appreciated by a lot of readers. Jindal, who considers himself an introvert, always loved the idea behind one-liners and short poems.

The platform began in the year 2017, within two and a half months, the platform had hit the first million followers. Typewriters Voice plans to focus on the Video-Content and take full advantage of the digital opportunities.

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