Revamp your closet

Alisha Shinde
Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Taking cue from some of the fashion trends of 2018, you can redesign your wardrobe and look chic and stylish. Plus you can do your bit for sustainable fashion

With slightly over a week into the new year, fashionistas must be wondering what to sport in 2019. If you haven’t shopped already, here are a few trends of 2018 that you can take forward. 

Bengaluru-based Nandini Swaminathan, who has a fashion blog Sartorial Secrets, says that 2018 saw some viral trends like the Matrix style tiny sunglasses, bicycle shorts, animal prints, and dad sneakers. A few of them are likely to stay along with other new trends.

Mumbai-based fashion blogger Brinda Shah says that there were many fashion trends that popped up last year that will be big even this year. “While some were incredible, a few were forgettable and then there were others which had their fleeting moment of style. This year, hoodies will stay because it is the best way to get a convenient, warm and a relaxed look,” she says adding that one can pair it up with their favourite denims and sneakers.

If one is looking for an outfit that packs a punch, one must retain their winter hem coats as they are going to be a major fashion trend in 2019 as well. “They are a transitional piece and perfect for this season. They are chic and super wearable, so one does not have to worry about them wrinkling. A lot of celebrities too have been sporting hem coats  during their travels,” says Shah.

She is of the opinion that plaid, even though a bit overrated, will make its ultimate comeback this year. “You can pull off the rock ‘n’ roll look or even the formal look to wear to work,” she says adding that one can opt for a mid-length plaid coat, or a plaid skirt and figure out ways to dress up or  dress down these looks. 

Whether it is an asymmetric hemline tapering off or sharp, this drape creates a new dimension. “Asymmetry is in line with the season’s new diagonal dressing so for a cocktail night, these dresses look fabulous and an asymmetric skirt would go very well for a summer style, so it’s best if you retain this in your wardrobe, be it a skirt or a kurta or even a t-shirt,” says Shah adding that this year is all about retaining the saturated and statement hues that one can wear all seasons.

But the trends or clothes that she intends to keep locked in her closet is the bomber jacket because it’s losing its charm. “Its jacket style has been overworked with every print and colour; instead opt for the pantsuit which will definitely be in vogue this year,” she says.

Swaminathan believes that bicycle shorts will stay in 2019. “They were seen on the runway everywhere for spring 2019 and also a number of international celebrities sported it as their favourite street style. So if you have a pair in your wardrobe, keep it and  pair it with your other smart casuals for your next outing,” she says. 

Swaminathan  also suggests that if you have been hoarding those huge sunglasses that you once believed are too cute to throw away, it’s time to flaunt them now. “Sunglasses will be bigger and more futuristic, so you probably know what to do with your good old pair of shades,” says she and smiles.

Talking about prints, Swaminathan says that you can probably wear any kind of animal print but you definitely need to ditch snake prints. “Tie and dye too is going to be big in terms of prints, so be it a saree or a shirt or even a dress you can rock it the way you want anytime, anywhere,” she suggests. If one likes a pop of colour in their choice of clothes, neon will be a rage once again along with a bit of puff sleeves and all types of dramatic sleeves. “Fringes in accessories will be back along with a lot of sequins and satin in clothes that add a bit of glamour quotient,” says Swaminathan adding that the trends which were a thing in the early 2000s like low-rise jeans will be back along with comfortable flip-flops which never really disappear from the fashion canvas.

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