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ST Correspondent
Thursday, 21 June 2018

The star cast of Ziprya, on their recent visit to Sakal Times, spoke about the characters and shooting on real locations

The movie Ziprya has been adapted from the late writer-journalist Arun Sadhu’s popular novel by the same name. The film produced by Ranjeet Darekar, is being presented by Ashwini Darekar. Kedar Vaidya has written the script and also directed it. The film’s cast and crew — Chinmay Kambli, Saksham Kulkarni, Hansraj Jagtap, Ashwini and Kedar recently visited Sakal Times office to promote the movie. 

The film also stars Amruta Subhash, Aman Attar, Devansh Deshmukh, Nachiket Purnapatre, Vimal Mhatre, Deepak Karanjikar and Pravin Tarde. The background music is composed by Taufiq Qureshi while Abhishekh Khankar and Sameer Samant’s lyrics have been set to music by Sameer Saptiskar and Troy-Arif. 

The film, which has been honoured with three awards at the Maharashtra State Awards for Editing (Devendra Murdeshwar), Art Direction (Vinayak Katkar) and Make-up (Prakash Nimkar), will release today (June 22). 

The film traces the journey of a young boy who makes a living by polishing shoes at a railway station. His life is full of hardships. Said Vaidya, “Arun Sadhu has brilliantly captured the depth and vastness of life. The writer whose writings moulded my generation, had appreciated me for my work. The novel is not restricted to one particular era. The period created by Sadhu sir is relevant even today. Only the kind of work they were doing has changed; earlier they used to polish shoes and now they might be selling balloons. So people from different eras can relate to the story.” 

“When I made the film, shooting the film was risky and expensive but it was possible because of the producers. Ziprya takes place in a metro city and the story has a backdrop of a railway station. So it has a very pacy feel to it,” he added. 

To this, Ashwini Darekar shared that it was difficult to shoot the film in the local trains and they had to take special permission and manage the crowd at the station. “All the scenes are shot on the platform and with the permission from Railway authorities and the crowds, it was difficult to shoot continuously. But our team managed everything. Even though the crux of the story is showwing the realities in society, the way it has been captured, is very captivating. The shooting was on for one and a half years,” she said. 

The title role of Ziprya has been played by Chinmay Kambli who said that the role taught him a lot. “I got an idea about living in difficult conditions and more importantly, I had to lose weight for the role. The character written by Sadhu sir has several nuances. While portraying this role, I had to study several things including the language,” he said. 

Talking about his role, Saksham said, “I play the role of Ziprya’s friend and he is my guru. The director has very beautifully shot the reality of the railway stations.”

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