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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Choose from a range of fun and funky rainwear to keep your furry friends dry and healthy this monsoon

Don’t you just detest the smell of a ‘wet dog’? But it isn’t just for the smell that you must keep your pooch dry from the rains. Often getting wet in the rain can keep you pet’s coat from drying properly, and this might escalate to an infection or a more severe skin condition. 

So though you have to take the good boy/girl out for their walk schedule, make sure that they stay dry. How can you do that? Get them some rainwear. Choose from a range of cute, fun, or quirky rainwear, or you can even get them one that matches your rainwear. 

So walk into a pet store and ask for rainwear for your furry friend, or visit these websites to browse through their interesting stock. 

Heads Up For Tails

Don’t let the rain catch you by surprise this monsoon! This website has everything that your pet needs, right from clothes and accessories to even toys and food for both cats and dogs. Do check out their range of raincoats for dogs available for small, medium and large dogs.  

Made with water resistant fabric, their jackets and raincoats will keep your pets dry and warm. The Velcro closure keeps the raincoats in place and the adjustable elastic toggles ensure a snug fit and the hood keeps those ears safe from the downpour which makes it easy to slip on.

Marshalls Pet Zone

It is important to look after the needs of the beloved companions and this website does just that. 
Marshalls Pet Zone is committed to deliver veterinary care and affection with the products that they have to offer. A good raincoat will protect your dog from catching a cold and a flu. The raincoats that they have for dogs are smart, fit snugly and also have enough room for your pet to move in it which is perfect for pets who do not like to get wet in the rain. The raincoat will now allow you to take your pet for his walk without waiting for the rain to stop.

Pets Go Nuts 

A responsible pet owner is often determined by the way he dresses up his dog. Pets have always been an extended part of our families and keeping them safe during the monsoons is a way of showing our love. The website has a wide variety of raincoats to choose from, be it for your puppy or any large breed adult dog. They also have a premium edition of raincoats which ranges from jumpsuit patterns to superhero print raincoats. The jumpsuit raincoat covers major portions of the dog’s body protecting it from a heavy downpour. Apart from having a wide collection of raincoats, the website also offers rain-friendly socks and shoes for your pooches. They have reflective stripes with Velcro for ‘adjustability’ and the stretchable fabric gives adequate grip to the shoes which makes it comfortable to walk. 


Monsoon essentials

Monsoon is a difficult time for pets. Just like us, our furry friends are also susceptible to a variety of problems ranging from skin infections to indigestion because of the sultry weather. It is also a time when most dogs get fleas in spite of the care you take to make sure your pooch is clean. 

Here are some essentials for your pet during this wet spell:

Antibacterial and antifungal shampoo

Bacterial and fungal infections are the biggest threats during the rainy season. It is vital to use bath products that have an antimicrobial and antifungal effect. Everyone is prone to infections during this season, including pets. When everything remains damp, and mouldy, it is easy to catch an infection. In case your pet develops an infection that goes unnoticed, they might end up scratching the area causing it to worsen. So why wait for an infection to set in? As they say, prevention is better than cure. 

Grooming brush

These slip-on brushes are not only convenient tools while giving your dog a bath and working up a good lather so that the shampoo is more effective, but they are also helpful in keeping a check on ticks and fleas. How? You can use them to comb through your pet’s dry coat and keep an eye for anything that might look suspicious. These brushes are easily slipped on your hand for effortless manoeuvring through the coat. 

Tick and flea repellent

Having ticks and fleas is not just unhygienic, it can also lead to other diseases. While you must keep an eye out for ticks and fleas throughout the year, pet parents have most trouble with ticks and fleas during this season. You need to check and treat it every day. Even if you find that your pooch is clean and has zero ticks today, they might get a few if you take it out for a walk and another dog comes sniffing by. These repellents come in the form of a spray and powder.

Tick collar

Have you used, or seen, those bands that you can put on your kid’s wrist and it will ‘magically’ keep mosquitoes away? Using similar technology, companies have come up with dog collars that when slipped on, keeps ticks and fleas at bay. These collars come in a range of sizes and you can find the right fit for a small breed to a large one. Though you don’t have a variety of colours to choose from, since it only comes in about 2-3 neon colours, it serves the purpose of providing protection to your pet from pesky mites. The effectiveness of these collars lasts from 2-4 months.


There are a number of home remedies you can try to keep your dog smelling fresh, but many of these may tend to fail the purpose of getting rid of that unpleasant smell on your pooch that lingers on during the monsoon. Since drying takes time during this wet season, and there is lots of humidity in the air, your pets might need something extra to keep them odour-free. A number of deodorisers are available in the market in various fragrances, and if you’d like you can choose an odourless one too.

Compiled by Alisha Shinde

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