Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt rap it up

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Here are three reasons why you should not miss the Baba Ki Chowki  ‘Gully Boy’ special on MTV Beats

The endearing Dr Sanket Bhosale as Sanju Baba is back, and this time he is in conversation with the stars of the blockbuster movie Gully Boy. Taking over the couch is the gorgeous Alia Bhatt and super-versatile Ranveer Singh, who are on the show to promote their film. Here are three things you can look forward to in the episode:

Impromptu rap segments by Ranveer Singh
Catch the perfect mike-drop moment on Baba Ki Chowki as Ranveer Singh gets candid. Dressed flamboyantly in rainbow colours, there’s nothing that can stop this man from rapping on-point! Ranveer thoroughly entertains his fans and is seen slipping in and out of his new rap avatar. With Alia adding to all Ranveer’s craziness, this episode is super fun.

As Bambaiya as it can get
Alia and Ranveer bring their street characters to Baba Ki Chowki and it gets real tapori. Sanju Baba indulges them in a game to translate and twist mainstream Hindi dialogues in their ‘Gully’ language. The two are also seen enacting their favourite lines from the movie. 

Alia talks about marriage
Newly-wed Ranveer talks about his dad being his inspiration for marriage but what is Alia’s take on the concept? Sanju Baba points out how wedding bells have rung for top actresses who have sat on his couch, and asks if the bubbly Alia is next in line? Shying away from the conversation, Alia confirms that wedding bells for her are not ringing any time soon.

If you are ardent fans of hip-hop or the two stars, you will enjoy the fun banter on this episode.

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