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Alisha Shinde
Sunday, 2 September 2018

Tejas Jhaveri founder, Flintstop, an online website, talks about the cool products his platform offers to make life simpler for all age groups

Technology has made our lives a lot more simpler. Innovators and inventors are constantly creating products which uncomplicate our day-to-day tasks and bring a smile on our face when the job is done. Flintstop was started for this sole reason: To make people’s lives effortless whilst adding a perfect mix of quirk and colour.  

Explaining the concept, Flintstop (a website that has something for everyone, be it a 5-or a 50-year-old) founder Tejas Jhaveri says that they identify daily problems and invent and curate products which solve those problems. “We sell something for everyone, from a small child, to an old man, except for diapers and dentures.” 

They sell more than 2,500 products across varied categories like travel, tech, stationery, bar, toys, home and kitchen on the website as well as ecommerce websites such as Flipkart and Amazon. He points out that their primary focus is corporate gifting where they customise products for their clients like Sunpharma, Etihad Airways, Edelweiss, Godrej and Siemens, to name a few.

Talking about the idea behind coming up with such an interesting website, Jhaveri says that after he left his corporate job and went for a trade show in Hong Kong which was only for electronics, he thought of bridging the gap and getting innovative and quirky products to the Indian market. Says Jhaveri,  “Our focus is to get down products which will make your life lazier and simpler! Every products of ours has a ‘Woah!’ factor.”

The process behind making the products involves an extensive spreadsheet. “We ask our friends, family and colleagues to put down daily problems which are then validated into products that can solve those daily problems. A lot of our products are contract manufactured and designed by us. We also import products from inventors around the world from countries like China, UK, USA, Japan and Germany,” says Jhaveri.  

Sharing his experience of running a startup like Flintstop, he says that it initially started off as a one-member team working out of his room. “I was my only employee for the first 18 months. I would do everything from imports, to uploading products online, making a website, operations, packing the products and so on,” he recalls adding that the best part of it all back then was doing door-to-door deliveries. He believes it was the only place to get customer feedback on the products real time.

“I have immense gratitude as I consider knowledge as the profit I have gained over the last few years over everything else. Overcoming daily hurdles is now extremely exciting!,” he says.

Flintstop is now aiming at opening an innovation centre. “We want to make this a place where people with product ideas but no skills can submit their idea and our team of product designers, industrial designers and engineers will then validate the idea. If the idea is viable, we will help create a prototype, crowdfund it for contract manufacturing and Flintstop can help with sales online, offline and to corporates,” he says. 

He further mentions that they have already started working on a few of their proprietary inventions before they kick off the innovation centre. 

The products which range from anywhere between Rs 150 and Rs 30,000 can be purchased from their website. 


Flintstop has an interesting line of products and they have something for all situations. Take a look:  

Cannot wake up in the morning? Then get a Running Alarm Clock which will jump and run and you have run behind it, so getting up is guaranteed. 

No domestic help at home? A Robot Vacuum cleaner will sweep and mop for you, automatically.

If you have a cluttered office desk, get your hands on a 10 in 1 Office Combo which has 10 stationery items in 1 so there is no need to buy a separate stapler, a pair of scissors, puncher, sharpener, measuring tape, etc.

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