Pune’s popping star!

Sushmita Jha
Sunday, 18 November 2018

Chetan Salunkhe, who is among the top 12 of ‘Dance +4’, talks about his dream of being on the show and how he is aspiring to win it 

Eighteen-year-old Chetan Salunkhe has never failed to surprise the Dance + 4 stage or judges. The young boy from Pune is among the top 12 contestants of the show, which airs on Star Plus. An expert in popping, he has won over the audience with every performance of his.
Salunkhe gave up his education and did some odd jobs in order to sustain himself while pursuing dance. The five year journey in the field wasn’t an easy one. It was filled with rejections and a lot of financial crisis. But none of that stopped Salunkhe from striving to reach his goals.
“I have been learning dance for the past five years. Honestly, first three years were a waste of time because no one really helped me out. People kept me telling to go to different classes and different teachers. But I don’t come from a financially strong background — my father is a painter and my mother works as a domestic help. Therefore money was always a problem. So I started learning dance myself. I used to watch videos online and learn from there. And that is how I have learnt popping. I am so glad that I am able to showcase it on such a big stage today,” express the teenager.
Salunkhe has been auditioning for Dance + since it started, but every time he faced rejection. This time again he decided to go for the audition and he made sure that he got selected. “I auditioned for the past three seasons of Dance+ but never got selected. I remember my teacher telling me one day that I should stop doing popping and go for Bollywood freestyle, which was very demoralising. But this time I worked really hard and auditioned again and I was quite sure that I would get selected. But again I was rejected in the Pune audition, which was extremely devastating for me. But I did not give up. The very next day, I went to Mumbai and auditioned from there, and finally I got selected. And trust me, I couldn’t believe it that I was finally selected. I couldn’t sleep for a day,” says the popping master. 
Salunkhe’s selection came as a huge surprise to him, and reaching top 12 was like the cherry on the cake. Now, the youngster wants to win the show and make his parents proud. He doesn’t have many desires to fulfil, all he wants is a home for his parents and himself. 

“It’s going to be dancing for life. To be honest, I did not expect I would reach top 12, but I am so thankful to god and my parents for helping me throughout. My parents couldn’t give me money but they gave me their unconditional support. Finance has always been a issue at home, so one of the main reasons to join the show was to win it and buy a house for my parents. I don’t want them to do such odd jobs, it really hurts to see my parents do it. I want to win the show for them. Also, I am a huge fan of Prabhudheva and Remo sir, they are the reason I started dancing. It is a great feeling to finally see them in front of me and learn from them,” expresses Salunkhe.

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