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Anjali Jhangiani
Sunday, 17 September 2017

Dr Liana Nenachevaa shares why Hollywood celebs are increasingly using acupuncture to slow down ageing and maintain a healthy gut

We all desire ageless beauty and this basic logic applies to celebrities in Hollywood too, shares Dr Liana Nenachevaa, holistic doctor and nutrition specialist who utilises a holistic methodology to invigorate the mind, body, and spirit. She will be present at Atmantan Wellness Centre, Mulshi, from the October 3 to 28, to offer consultation. But before she visits, we chat her up to find out more about acupuncture, why Hollywood is going ga-ga over it and more.

Why has acupuncture become so popular in Hollywood?
Hollywood stars are conscious about what they eat and their overall health, especially their gut. Majority of them follow an organic lifestyle like macrobiotic food, juices, and use organic ingredients as a part of the routine. It is because they desire to accentuate their beauty in a more natural way. So, getting accustomed to acupuncture was rather easy for them. They were familiar with the concept of doing organic to slow down ageing or to maintain a healthy gut, for example.

Why is it still at a nascent stage in India?
In India, organic is not a part of an average Indian’s lifestyle. People don’t bother too much about their health, especially regarding preventive healthcare. It is no exaggeration to call Indians foodies and to add to this eating flair, there are so many junk food packages on the shelves available today. How many of us really bother to check the nutritional label on a retail package? Apart from this fact, as per the Indian genetics, we age very fast. The need of the hour is to build more awareness of accessibility to natural treatment procedures like acupuncture to benefit people.

What are non-surgical cosmetic acupuncture therapies?
These procedures are minimally-invasive and have no complications or stretched-out recovery period. There are no skin bruises, rashes or swelling later if you are not prone to it. In the first session itself, a clear assessment of your skin type, any existing allergy or blemishes are noted.

But visitors must share their health records to avoid any confusion later, tell us if they are sensitive to bleeding or bruising. Following a transparent approach is the first step towards clarity of any clinical procedure.

As a professional consultant, it is my responsibility to study the past medical records like high BP or severe diabetes mellitus, in which we take a decision on whether to undergo the therapy or not. Similarly, pregnancy is not the right time to approach us. We always follow a holistic approach to make you appear good and feel good too.

The therapy usually begins by marking specific points on your skin and feeding energy through those targeted marks. The whole procedure varies from person to person. It can be anywhere between three to 12 sessions. If you have multiple sessions (six or higher), you should do it together so that you can enjoy the benefits of holistic skin rejuvenation from mind, body and soul. Don’t focus only on your appearance. Treat it as mental and spiritual rejuvenation based on skin science too.

What kind of cosmetic uses does acupuncture have?
Our acupuncture programme is based on the principle of oriental medicine. It is not any form of skin treatment; rather, it is a rejuvenation therapy which has many benefits for your skin health and your mind. We begin the therapy by releasing energy through marked skin points to initiate (energy) movement inside you. It is an act of balancing blood, fluids, qi, yin and yang to put your body in an optimum state of balance. It is important for me to mention that we only halt or slow down your ageing process and sometimes even reverse the bio of visible signs.

Compared to botox and other cosmetic alternatives, how is acupuncture better?
Botox is specific and complexed. It only works on the outer skin layers. Acupuncture is more to do with skin care and strengthening your skin health. It reduces skin ageing and is good for an overall re-balancing of the skin health. Apart from the skin, the acupuncture therapy makes you feel good from the inside — it improves the blood circulation, digestion, hair, sense organs, skin and immune system. In certain cases, it also checks on thyroid (hormonal imbalance).

When opting for cosmetic acupuncture treatments, what are the things one should keep in mind?
It is good to be faithful to the professional consultant you appoint and have the right set of expectations. Nothing happens almost instantly, so you need to be patient to go through multiple sessions and be committed to it. Treat it as a continuous part to improve your skin health than thinking it to be a magical solution to all your skin problems. The way you approach is to decide how you feel after undergoing this therapy.

How does cosmetic acupuncture help in anti-ageing?
It is the science of benefiting hormones. As a women ages, her estrogen level declines, in turn accelerating the ageing process of the skin. Thus, establishing the hormonal balance holds the key to unlock the rejuvenation of the skin and the whole body. This includes your skin condition such as hormonal acne and the dry skin, that frequently accompanies menopause.

Acupuncture also deals with your retarding immune system or the common disorders like thyroid.

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