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Debarati Palit Singh
Sunday, 8 July 2018

Prasad Rajappan, co-founder ZingHR that is redefining employee-management experience for over 7,00,000 users worldwide, talks about how their startup is transforming business outcomes and people engagement

We believe that an HR platform has to be business centric and employee driven, says Prasad Rajappan, co-founder ZingHR. In order to identify complex human resource challenges and provide simple HR Solutions, Zing combines technology and effortless cloud solutions in almost every area in the life cycle of human capital management. It covers the entire spectrum from hire-to-retire employee life cycle processes. It empowers people and businesses with enterprise cloud application solutions for human capital management, across geographies. 

It provides services to startups, medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 enterprises. The startup delivers talent management, performance management, training, time and attendance, payroll and expense management. Rajappan offers an insight: 

How does Zing work?

Zing is redefining employee-management experience for over 7,00,000 users across 500+ companies worldwide with 24+ Human Resource Management System (HRMS) modules, for effortless hire-to-retire processes. Zing executes over 1.25 million transactions every single day on its Global Azure platform.

How does Zing directly impact business outcomes and people engagement?

We believe that HR platform has to be business centric and employee driven. We help organisations achieve business outcomes, people engagement and Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBIDTA) margins. Our team of experts have worked relentlessly to implement the Cloud Human Capital Management and drive improvement in productivity by 85 per cent and efficiency by 92 per cent, which in turn has resulted in impactful business outcomes and savings for enterprises. What made the real difference was the effective deployment of some of the unique key features of ZingHR, such as Next-Generation Digital HR Solution: The next-generation employee-centric digital HR solution — Cloud HCM (Human Capital Management) is an incredibly simple way to perform every human resource function; Advanced Real-time Intuitive Dashboard: On cloud and mobile services for professionals on-the-go for accessing real-time employee information; Enhance EBITDA Margins & People Engagement: Transforming businesses through enhanced employee productivity resulting in an increase in people engagement, increase in EBITDA Margins, and impact in business outcomes; learn HR best practices; Analytics plus Compliance: Statutory Compliances with in-built Upgrade Management address Governance issues; ERP Integration: With Enterprise Resource Planning and Accounting Systems integrated on the cloud, this assists in reducing cost, efforts and hence achieve faster returns on investments; Support and Implementation: Quick implementation and integration of over 20+ modules with Certified Service Implementation and Support teams

Zing covers the entire hire-to-retire employee life cycle. Can you explain how it works?

Reinventing the management of human resources with its single application, we provide HR departments with full visibility over their entire company. ZingHR enables effortless end-to-end process of employee life-cycle management over mobile and desktop, right from candidate sourcing to employee exit.

In its multi-layered approach, ZingHR integrates technology to sync all aspects of hire-to-retire on a single application on the cloud. Effective automation of several HR processes help bring down inefficiencies and human errors. Right from sourcing a candidate till the employee exits, ZingHR integrates all the processes seamlessly. Zing delivers human capital management, workforce management, recruitment software, talent management, payroll, learning management, performance management, training, time and attendance and analytics applications. Apart from these, the ZingHR solutions edge includes centralised employee database, employee portal, mobile apps (Android, iOS), HR analytics, social, geo-fencing, digital locker etc. 

What are challenges that your company faces and how do you plan to overcome them?

While we have evolved a business centric HR platform, we still have customers who do not want to automate their current HR processes and stick to age-old practices. While the CXO agree to our approach for adopting new gen practices, change management at the operational levels is often a challenge. We try and do change management workshops proactively and try to get such groups to see the benefits of ZingHR.

What are ZingHR’s future plans?

We have already tasted success in the Middle East, Singapore and Australia. In the coming two quarters, we would have gained substantial traction in APAC (Asia-Pacific). From the current 7 lakh employee records we want to serve 50 lakh employees by 2020 and we are confident that with our global, multi-lingual platform we can achieve that.

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