Print’s the way!

Alisha Shinde
Saturday, 28 April 2018

Dolly Kabaria shares tips on how to incorporate prints in your homes.

Dolly Kabaria, photographer and co-founder of Studio Alternatives, has always been keen on exploring her surroundings. She has always had a natural liking towards design because of which she likes to experiment with colours, light and texture to create visual stories through her photo art and bringing photographic prints to life through décor.

Kabaria says that there are far many ways in which digital prints can be used to lift up an image of your room. “Be it cushion covers or an entire sofa,” Kabaria says that photographs can now find their way on practically everything as per one’s wish. She, however, says that it is best not to overdo things, because that way it draws attention away from these out-of-the-box details.

She says that prints can vary as per what the client has in mind —from florals to abstract. Kabaria adds that these can find their way not only on fabrics but also wall panels, lamps etc. “On anything as far as it has a surface.” When asked how prints can bring life to home décor, she says that it is easy to include a lot of colours and textures through various mediums but when one adds a bit of a photographic element in the décor, it automatically weaves a story of its own. “If the print chosen is an interesting one, it can also become a conversation starter when guests come over,” she suggests.

Kabaria says that apart from adding a visual element to the décor, having these prints installed also have other benefits — digital prints behind a thin glass can be installed around the kitchen platform, which make it “not only easy to clean up any kind of stains or oil that flies through cooking but also adds an interesting visual to the kitchen.”

She says that it is best to use photographic and digital prints as statement pieces even if one decided to have prints on the walls or on an armchair. “It is important to highlight these prints because they bring a different life to the room,” says Kabaria. She adds that if these prints are overused, they won’t really stand out from the rest. She believes less is more and says with prints, one has to keep it minimal to bring out the best.

Kabaria says that it is important to understand the entire feel and look of the room before considering print to be incorporated in it. “It has to complement the look of the room. Don’t settle immediately on one print, instead explore the thousand possibilities, and keep it simple, yet elegant,” she concludes.

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