Of princesses and palaces

Amrita Prasad
Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Ahead of the sixth edition of Vogue Wedding Show 2018, we speak to designer duo Falguni and Shane Peacock who will be showcasing their collection. They also share their design philosophy.

Every bride wants to look like a princess on her wedding day. Falguni Shane Peacock wedding collection, which is being showcased at Vogue Wedding Show 2018 at Taj Palace, New Delhi, from August 3-5, makes you look like a royal bride. We chat up the designer duo about their new collection and latest trends:  

To create Indian wedding vibes, how differently have you worked on your collection?
When creating Indian wedding vibes, research plays an important role behind the designing process. We draw inspiration from our travel experiences. Whether it’s the architecture or the cultural heritage of a place, it leaves a lasting impact on us. While designing luxury couture, we aim on creating a timeless piece which is delectably detailed and impeccably embroidered with fine crystals, sequins, beads and feathers. The attires, which will be showcased at Vogue Wedding Show, have an array of regal lehengas paired with stylised blouses, corsets and bustiers depicting the melange of culture.

Who, according to you, is an ideal Falguni Shane Peacock bride?
The Falguni Shane Peacock bride is a modern woman who has clarity, vision and has a distinct take on couture. FSP brides resonate with the idea of blending cutting-edge silhouettes with decadent embroidery.

Your designs are all about feathers, beads, sequins and bold prints. Any specific reason behind the inclination towards these elements?
Our design philosophy has always been avant-garde and edgy. Elements like feathers, sequins, beads and bold prints work as the perfect juxtaposition to portray our design sensibilities. We introduced feathers and sequins way before they gained prominence in Indian couture and over time, it became our signature style.

How fashionably aware are contemporary Indian grooms and what are the latest trends for them?
Indian grooms shouldn’t opt for heavy ensembles like the brides. They should ideally stick to a minimalistic approach even when it comes to wedding outfits. Of course, they can take it up a notch higher by picking an unusual cut for the bandhgala or sherwani or an out-of-the-box colour. Grooms should always pay more attention on the finer details like engraving their cufflinks, the material of their pocket square, the uniqueness of the buttons and the placement of the embroidery, if there is any.

Indian brides today are ready to go for the bold, modern look. Do you agree?  
Yes, brides today are looking beyond traditional ensembles and are willing to experiment with their attires and this increases the designer’s creative horizon.
Your collection is based on the Parisienne queen who leaves her castle for an Indian prince and follows him to the Junagarh Fort mela in Rajasthan. How do you reflect the art and culture of Rajasthan in your collection?
Junagarh Fort in Rajasthan is a cultural gem that is full of inspirations to seek from. The intricate architecture has been implicated through modernised techniques on the lehengas, giving the garment an elaborate grandiosity.

Give us a peek into upcoming wedding couture trends?
The heavier-than-your-body-weight lehengas are something to move past. Trendsetter brides are going for comfortable chic bridal wear. The colour palette will see a lot of muted tones like soft pink, rose gold, lavender, champagne, powder blue, mint green, peach — as these colours are fresh and look ethereal. A lot of contemporary brides are looking for embellishments and embroideries that have a Westernised appeal. With the infusion of crystals and Swarovski beads, the unorthodox look is effortlessly achieved. With the awareness of body positivity becoming more relevant, it is important for a bride to embrace her body and dress according to it. Every shape and size can be beautiful if you just find a way to enhance its appeal. Ladies with slender frames should opt for shorter cholis and voluminous lehengas to balance their stature and women who tilt on the heavier side should pick garments with drapes to look sleek and elegant.

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