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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

More and more Indian couples are opting to make the wedding cake a part of the celebrations. Here’s how flavours are getting more interesting and designs, more innovative

What’s the newest addition to the big fat Indian wedding — a dream destination, a designer outfit, a customised wedding invitation, an out-of-the-box return gift? Add to that the wedding cake. Couples nowadays tend to spend a lot of time on the wedding cake, which is supposed to bring luck and happiness to the newlyweds. 

Nowadays, there are countless types of flavours and themes and the presentation too has become better. One could can choose from larger-than-life cakes with multiple elements or small, simple and elegant cakes. But are Indian wedding cakes similar to their Western counterparts? Though we have borrowed the concept from the West, quite characteristically, Indian weddings have taken this trend to the next level with innovation and grandeur.

Deliciae Cakes, VP Business Development Alisha Shirodkar Aggarwal and Managing Partner Suchit Mahajan tell us more about wedding cake trends of 2019.

This avoids fondant, and keeps the butter cream to a minimum too. A touch of gold foil on these cakes looks absolutely super. “Innovation for us this time around is in the flavours. We’ve introduced the White collection that has a lot of interesting new flavours like the Raspberry Cream Cheese, and also the Gluten Free Health cakes which we will also be doing in our wedding cakes,” says Mahajan.

Everyone loves a little bling and when it comes to a wedding, bling is in. Yes, Metallic cakes are the latest trends in the market with cakes being made in the traditional Gold and White or Silver, Copper, Rust and many more combinations. They are being incorporated along with classic designs, flowers or even sequins and gold lace. 
“White and Gold Wedding cakes with coloured flowers and gold lacing are trending. It is a beautiful combination and many clients are sold on this at first sight. Clients come to us for also for our Luxury Collection cakes. The designs are unique, elegant, and are sure to fascinate guests. For instance, we recently did a seven tier 160 kg wedding cake,” says Mahajan.

The latest trend to hit this season is the concept of ‘printed’ wedding cakes. Any design that you want whether a quote, song lyrics, wedding invitation, the couples initials or images, can all be hand painted on the fondant covered cake giving it an illusion of being printed.

Well, it’s not a cake made especially for someone who has topped an exam. It’s a cake with cute little toppings which can be in the form of some figurines, a monogram of your wedding, small miniatures of the newlyweds or even for that matter the recreation of a special moment in the couple’s journey. Cake toppers give the classic old wedding cake a quirky twist and add some colour, fun and significance to it. 

“We tend to see everything ranging from completely over the top, extremely innovative and artistic to understated and elegant. We once saw a huge dragon shaped chocolate cake where there was actually fire shooting out of the dragon’s mouth making quite an impact. Guests could take the marshmallows laid out, dip them in the dragon’s chocolate portion and roast the s’mores on the flame,” says Aggarwal.

Think romance, think delicate and what comes to mind is ‘lace’. Lace cakes take the traditional plain cake to a whole new level where the designs of the lace could match your wedding outfit. Earlier, the lace colours were restricted to pastel shades but now cake designers are experimenting with tangerine, blue, bright green — everything that catches the eye. 

“One of the best cakes made till date is the cake made for Bipasha Basu’s wedding. The best part of it was the simplicity of the cake. It was a white-on-white cake, with pearl finishing. The base was a slightly dull white, and the lacework was a bright white, so it stood out. The flowers were light pink. And of course, the topper was in line with the Monkey Wedding theme,” says Mahajan.

You can get a foreign trend to India, but you cannot take the Indian influence out of it. The latest trend to hit the market in this context is the ‘henna inspired’ cake, which often carries the most intricate and complex designs, often the same henna design that is on the bride’s hand. The next in series are cakes in all shapes and sizes ranging from a ‘saree draped’ cake with traditional motifs made in edible gold, to the ‘’peacock motif’ cakes and even cakes in the shape of matkas, dhols, elephants and more. Now, that’s called creativity!

“The trick is to find a perfect balance between presentation and taste. Couples make a statement with the cake in different ways — they could completely customise the look in keeping with the theme or just go elegant but opt for grandeur through tiers and embellishments or even get an international brand such as Sprungli to make an impact. We have seen Sprungli counters at weddings where fresh truffles and cakes were being made for every function,” informs Aggarwal.

We have always associated cakes with a Western wedding, but this mouth-watering and delightful aspect of the wedding celebration has made its way into at least one of the many Indian wedding functions as well, be it the engagement or reception. 

“Most often the cake cutting becomes a grand celebratory ritual post the wedding and is accompanied with champagne, fireworks, cold pyros and often the married couple’s entry into the function,” adds Aggarwal. 

Vegan cakes now are a trend because a lot more brides are opting for vegan options. Vegan as a concept is becoming more well known, not only with people who are lactose intolerant, but also those who want to eat clean. “It’s a growing market and preferred by many people. We will be further developing our range of vegan products to include cookies, health bars and more,” says Mahajan adding, “We did a recent wedding in Udaipur where the bride wanted a vegan cake representation of the entire City Palace Facade which was done beautifully.”

It’s not only the cakes that have influenced our traditional weddings but gifting options have also changed in recent years. “Gone are those days when traditional sweets like ladoos would be distributed with the invitation cards. Nowadays it’s about giving sweets which retain the essence of tradition but with a twist. These days it’s all about handmade gifting options which range from handmade truffles with various flavours or the hot selling florentines which apart from the normal dry fruit flavours come in thandai flavours too. The other thing which is trending is the Choco Coated Dates with a gold brushing on top that gives it a high-end feel,” says Mahajan.

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