Pretty in pastels

Debarati Palit Singh
Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Designer duo Payal Kothari and Zinal Shah and CEO & founder,, Rashi Menda, tell us how to look cool in subtle shades.

Fashion trends keeping changing every season and most of us don’t know how to carry them off. Recently, we spotted Priyanka Chopra wearing a bold pastel blue blazer dress while promoting Quantico on the American talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers and wondered whether we could sport one! 

Pastel shades like powder pink, baby blue, lavender, butter cream, mint green, pale yellow and so on look good on dresses, tops, tunics and sarees. Explaining  why pastels are cool, designer duo Payal Kothari and Zinal Shah say, “The reason pastels are popular is because it basically gives a delicate and feminine look.” 

To this, Rashi Menda, CEO & Founder,, adds, “Pastels can be one of the easiest colours to team up with other outfits.” 

Actresses have stylists and designers to guide them but common women go by their instinct, or look up fashion magazines or consult local designers for fashion cues. When it comes to pastels they can be easy to carry off but teaming them up can be tricky. 

Menda admits that it can indeed be tricky at times to pair these subtle colours. Simplifying for those who love pastels, Kothari says, “Pastel tops and bottoms can always go together. If people aren’t confident about carrying pastel on pastel, they can pair up with darker shades of pastels as well. The sweetness should not be overdone, stick to minimalism. Pastels paired up with denims are a good combination as well and can be used as casual wear.” 

There are different shades of pastels and it’s up to us what shades we want to pick. About the must-haves, Menda says, “Some of the popular shades that one needs to have in the closet are pastel pink, pastel yellow and lavender because they are easy to pair with everything.

Pastel pink goes best with denims and tones of white. Pastel hues of yellow are best when worn with a bright coloured jewellery or footwear. Lavender is the Pantone colour of the year and is an amazing addition to the closet. It can be paired with any other pastel coloured garment and looks good when paired with bright colours as well.” 
Shah adds that pastel green, powder blue, blush pink, lavender, butter yellow, powdery mint, milk caramel, velvety peach are also in vogue. 
It is commonly believed that not all pastel shades will go with every skin tone like darker shades of pastels look good on darker skin. But do we actually need to follow these trends? 

There are certain colours which don’t go with all skin types, agree the designer duo. “Colours like lavender and lime yellow will go with lighter skin tones while colours like blush pink, pastel green and powder blue can go with all skin tones. Off white is a colour which goes with every skin tone and occasion. Pastel colours can be matched with soft grey or beige tones instead of black and white as they can be very dominant over pastels,” adds Shah. 

But Menda says that, as millennials, we don’t need to care for skin tone specific colours. “Suggesting people to choose shades according to their skin tone does not hold good any more. As long as they are paired with light or neutral coloured basics any pastel shade will look good,” she says adding, “The event or occasion to which one is wearing these colours should also be kept in mind.”  

Mix ‘n’ match
Mende gives some quick tips to follow: 

Monochrome outfits are the easiest to choose from. A one-tone outfit along with a statement necklace piece and a pair of bold heels makes for a delightful ensemble.   

Mixing Pastels 
A good way to stand out from the crowd is a well-balanced curation of outfits of pastel colours. Wear it with nude heels to keep focus on the outfits. 

With Neutrals
Another easy option is to pair pastels with neutral toned basics like whites, nudes and blacks.  
With bright colours 
Make heads turn by pairing your pastel outfits with a bold piece of jewellery, heels or clutch. Wearing it with a pair of denim jacket would make the outfit stylish and trendy. 

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