Play peek-a-boo

Sushmita Jha
Friday, 17 August 2018

The Nix girls, who are participating in the K-Pop dance event, tell us about the music genre and how the event is for everyone who enjoys it

This evening get ready to groove with Nix girls to the eclectic tunes of K-Pop. The dance group which comprises city girls, are a part of the K-Pop dance event, hosted by Phoenix Marketicty, in association with Indo-Korean Cultural Group (IKCG), to promote Korean culture amongst the youth. 

K-Pop, short for Korean Pop music, has elements of electronic, hip hop, pop, rock and R&B music. The genre has grown into a popular subculture amongst teenagers all across the world and Nix dance group is a great example of that. 

With a mindset of just having fun, Nix dance group was formed. It performed at the 2018 Changwon K-Pop World Festival held in Mumbai. Talking about how Nix members came together, 18-year-old Shivani Puranik says, “We were all mutual friends. We decided to form the group after hearing about the contest wherein we had to dance to K-Pop song. We were required to copy the exact choreography of a K-Pop song as performed by a band, and hence we did ‘Peek a Boo’ by Red Velvet.” 

The Changwon K-Pop contest was organised by the Korean Consulate. “We wanted to participate in the online round just for fun, and didn’t expect to get selected in the regional round. We made it through and performed at Mumbai. We were the only team from Pune,” adds Puranik, who is presently perusing Bachelors of Arts and a Diploma course in Liberal Arts. Another group member, Ira Deshmukh who is perusing a degree of Liberal Arts, says, “I met Nix dancers through the IKCG, a platform that attempts to expose Indians to Korean culture and vice versa. The group aims to bring together the Korean community living in Pune and the Indian enthusiasts of the culture.” 

Sharing her love for Korean music, 25-year-old Reshma Ravindran, says, “Korean music is soulful in my opinion. I could always connect to it even when I couldn’t understand a single word of it.”

“All of us listen to K-Pop and most of the songs have elaborate choreography that Nix performs. Through this contest, we were able to learn the choreography and it gave us a stage to showcase our love and talent,” says Puranik. 

“We wanted to host an event where more people like us who enjoy this music also get a chance to showcase their love for it,” she adds.

Coming from a country like India, which is so diverse in its culture and art, Korean music has left a great impact on these girls. “Indian music and Korean music are completely different. Both have their own flair and beauty. Korean language is very expressive. I was able to express emotions better in Korean than in any other language I know. It’s hard to explain why but Korean music always makes me feel good, no matter what mood I’m in,” adds Ravindran.

“It’s always good to explore the art and culture of different countries without discriminating them and learning something new. Whether it be Indian, Korean, Japanese, or any other culture, it’s always good to look at all with an open eye,” adds 20-year-old Twinkle Choudhary, a Nix member, adding, “A lot of people got to know about us through the Changwon K-Pop contest. The support we got from Pune was wonderful.” 

“We were also encouraged by IKCG members and also on our instagram page (@teamnixofficial) where we try to post more covers of K-Pop songs,” adds Puranik.

Phoenix Marketcity, in association with Indo-Korean Cultural Group will be hosting a K-POP Dance event today at 5 pm at Atrium 5

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