Play it up!

Amrita Prasad
Wednesday, 27 June 2018

With monsoons approaching, playsuits make a perfect outfit for this season. Light, breathable and stylish, they let you stay ahead in the fashion game

If you are a cool fashionista, you will be smart enough to not dispose of your old outfits simply because they are no longer in trend. You know they will be back in fashion anytime soon. Those of you who have been preserving your playsuits for some years now, it’s time to flaunt them. 

Previously called a romper, a playsuit (a shorter version of the jumpsuit) is a stylish piece of garment which has been in and out of fashion.  Worn as casual wear and evening wear, it has become a part of mainstream fashion once again. However, this time it’s more stylish, feminine, modish and a lot more exciting. 

Chic, easy-to-wear and light, a playsuit is a perfect monsoon attire that is high on style and comfort and don’t come with the hassle of getting the hems wet when it is pouring outside. 

Not just a practical monsoon option, playsuits come in amazing patterns and fabrics that let you layer according to your need, occasion and weather. 

Says Deeksha Agnani, Delhi-based designer, “When it comes to picking up a playsuit, like most other outfits that have pants, going for the right length is the key. One of the best things about the outfit is that even though it is casual, you can also turn it into formal and semi-formal attire by simply opting for the right length and cut. While going for the formal look you can consider a tailored cut and a perfect fit near the crotch area. But remember it’s about flattering your body and not drawing unwanted attention at the wrong places, say a camel-toe formed by an ill-fitted outfit.”  

However, like most women, if you want to have fun and you are in a mood for casual dressing or clubbing, a slightly loose playsuit with a drop crotch is an ideal choice. “Always remember prints for casuals and plain solid colour for formals work without fail. A blazer over a playsuit only makes you boardroom ready,” advises Agnani.  

Playsuits come in different fabrics — from chiffon with an inner layer, to cotton, stretchable cotton and polyester mix, denims, and they work for every body type. 

When asked how to choose the right fit according to one’s body type, Jessica Vaz, a fashion stylist from Mumbai, says that women with petite frames should go for playsuits that fit them. “Today, playsuits are available in a variety of colours, prints and designs and one shoulder with ruffles are the most ‘in thing’. Although not a very popular piece of outfit about half a decade ago, Taylor Swift made it a huge trend in recent times,” says Vaz. 

Talking about picking up the perfect fit, Vaz says, “We all have a unique body type — some of us have heavy bottoms, while many are top heavy. Many are blessed with an hourglass figure and so on. Hence choosing the right cut, fit and length is absolutely important or else you can end up making fashion faux pas. If you are a woman with a heavy bust, go for a playsuit with a V neck. If you have long legs like Deepika Padukone — the shorter the length, the better. Those who have thunder thighs can go for medium length playsuits that accentuate their look. Fortunately, for women with an hourglass figure, any cut looks great if they are confident enough to rock them.” 

The right footwear and accessories are also   important to create the perfect look. “A cute little headband with hoop earrings and a pair of sneakers will instantly make you party ready. The idea is to keep the makeup light and you are ready to rule the world. However, if your focus is to dress up for work, layer your playsuit with a smart blazer and complete the look with a nice pair of wedges or any heel type. Smoky eyes and crimson lips will only add more drama to your appearance,” suggests Vaz. 

Agnani urges women to try playsuits that have ruffles and innovative back designs.

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