Play with colours, but be safe

Nikita Madhani
Monday, 18 March 2019

Fashion and beauty blogger Nikita Madhani shares some tips on how to protect your hair and skin from colours

Holi is incomplete without colours. But don’t just plunge into the festivities. Take care of your skin and hair before immersing yourself in the celebrations. Fashion and beauty blogger Nikita Madhani makes things simpler for you by offering an extremely simple and easy ‘pre-to-post’ Holi skin and hair care routine. 

Skin: The amount of exposure to sun and dry colours can take away the moisture from your skin. So moisturising is the first step. Prepping your skin with simple ingredients like coconut or almond oil, before stepping out to play with colours will help minimise the damage caused from the colours. Moisturising the skin generously with almond/ coconut oil or a moisturiser beforehand adds a protective layer and prevents the colours from settling deep into your skin and also helps in the removal of colours afterwards.

As most Holi celebrations are outdoors, your skin is most certain to be exposed to the sun for a long time. To protect you skin from sun exposure, after applying the oil or moisturiser follow it up with a sunscreen with high SPF to protect  from tanning or sunburns. Opting for organic colours is always best. Natural and organic colours do not cause any kind of damage and are also easy to get rid off.

Hair: The best way to protect your hair from any damage is to tie it in a ponytail, braid or bun or keep it shielded with a bandana or cap for minimal damage from the colours, but if that’s not possible, then a post Holi hair care regime is important. Applying almond oil or any hair oil which you use, before stepping out too can help protect your hair from the colours. I always recommend use of virgin coconut oil as it works wonders for the skin and hair.

Nail: Along with skin and hair care, it important to protect your nails too from getting damaged during Holi. Applying a coat of nail paint before you go out to play with colours will protect your nails from any colour staining.

Skin: All the colours will most certainly dry out your skin hence to remove the colours gently massage almond / coconut / olive oil all over your body and leave on for a few minutes before washing off with a mild body wash. To remove any colour stains left behind, use cleansing milk, yoghurt or lemon juice. 

Post shower with lukewarm water, use a gentle body wash or soap, moisturise your skin well with a good moisturiser. Stay away from any harsh soaps and scrubs, as scrubbing can be harsh for your skin.

Apply aloe vera gel to soothe the skin, in case you feel any irritation from the colours. To give your skin some TLC (tender loving care) after Holi, apply homemade face masks like a mix of honey, aloe vera, lemon or sandalwood, and rosewater. 

Hair: Dust off all the loose colour that has settled on your hair. For post Holi hair care, massage a little amount of coconut/ almond oil on the scalp to remove any colour settled on it. Use a gentle shampoo to wash off all the colour residue and oil. As exposure to chemical-based colours will certainly make your hair dry, don’t forget to use a conditioner as your hair needs some nourishment.

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