Of pins & patches

Amrita Prasad
Thursday, 20 July 2017

Classic blue denims look great but if you can accessorise them with a patchwork, embroidery, embellishment or pin badge, they can look even better

Blue denims are the evergreen wardrobe essentials. A pair of plain denim trousers, a shirt, a skirt or a jacket has its own classic charm, however, designers are adding accessories to give them a more colourful and vibrant look. A creative  patchwork, embroidery, embellishment or pin badge on denim wear have become a huge trend nowadays. Kamakshi Kaul, vice-president design, Max Fashion, and Shivangi Lahoty, Mumbai-based designer (creative director at Inaaya and Co) and blogger (www.withloveinaaya.com), tell us more about this trend.

Adding fun
“As a designer and a blogger, I definitely see the trend staying for a while now,” says Lahoty. Suggesting how you can sport it right, Kaul says that an oversized denim jacket with pin badges is a great look to flaunt.

“Also, slogan tees are the best way to express ourselves. Teaming a tee with a pair of denim trousers with embellishments is the perfect look for a casual day out. Complement the look with white sneakers and messy hair,” suggests Kaul.

But why suddenly the whole craze for accessorised denims? Answers Lahoty, “Denims are the basic go-to in your wardrobe but even so one does enjoy a pop of colour every now and again. We are going through this phase where we are just enjoying this refreshing change of having something more feminine and fun on an otherwise unisex piece of clothing!”

While the look is fresh, funky and stylish, it can get a bit tricky to get it right. Not going overboard by teaming up too many elements together on a single outfit is also the key to keeping the look elegant.

“A patchwork denim shirt on denim pants for men or a patchwork denim dungaree with striped crop/ off shoulder bell sleeves top work best for women. If you like retro fashion, a plain crop top paired with mom jeans (’80s style) with patchwork/ embellishments and oxford boots is a great way to create a grunge look,” suggests Kaul.

To funk up the basic jacket, women can also try a striped crop top with a pair of black shorts and a denim jacket with an oversized pin badge. For a more casual look, men can sport jogger pants, plain tees and pin badges on denim jackets.  

“Women can also sport lace up flats over a plain flowy dress layered with an oversized jacket with embroidery patches,” adds Kaul. Men can rock the trend by adding a few patchwork or funky pin badges on their denims caps. “Basic light-coloured summer tee with a linen white open shirt and a pair of minimal patchwork denim pants will look smart on men,” she adds.

Lahoty, who feels that emoticon badges are a rage, suggests that these work for both genders. “Whether it’s a denim jacket or a nice cotton top/ tee, you can glam it up with a couple of pins and badges. Keep a cluster of at least 3-4 pieces in a place where you want the emphasis to be, probably the shirt pocket or at the back of your jacket. You can also have two similar looking pins on your collar as collar pins,” Lahoty says.

The right pin badges
With the variety of ready-to stitch patchwork and pin badges available, you might get confused deciding what to pick. “With denims, says Lahoty, “the best part is that you can go all out and pick whatever colour you like but try and stay in the same family. If it’s pastels, stick to pastels, maybe ice cream, rainbow, doughnut badges clubbed together.

If you are doing emoticons, stick to the same variety. Select patches or pins that are along the same lines and pin them together. Tropical pins are trending and the perfect time to use them is now!”

Don’t go overboard
The idea is to create a balanced look and not to scream for attention by combining too much of everything together. “Aztec or animal prints along with patchwork on denims is a big no-no. Exaggerated shimmery/ avant-garde heels must not be teamed up with these types of denim wear,” cautions Kaul adding that since these pieces of denim cannot be seen as formal outfits.

“Let the emphasis be on one piece of the outfit and the other elements can complement it. So, if it’s an embroidered denim you are wearing, team it with a white button-down shirt and some minimal accessories. Keep it subtle,” concludes Lahoty.

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