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Ambika Shaligram
Friday, 25 May 2018

Take a look at a curated book exhibition which promotes folk art

All you bookworms out there, make a beeline to the daram handloom store on Senapati Bapat Road! There are books waiting for you there, gorgeously illustrated in vivid colours by folk artists, and containing stories that connect you with tribes, their lives, their love for nature. “They are not conventionally designed and binded books,” says Neha Tiwari of Pagdandi - Book Chai Cafe, who is hosting the folk art books exhibition along with daram.

“We have curated the exhibition to highlight folk arts. We have focussed mainly on Tara Books because they promote folk art. There are some books from independent publishers on a similar theme,” elaborates Tiwari.

The exhibition which is open to kids, teenagers and parents, allows you to interact with the books, which is usually not possible with conventionally designed books. “Tara Books designs their books like art works. Some are designed like posters, some like fans and some others like a spread out. I know of some artists who collect Tara Books,” she adds. 

Not just Indian folk arts, the exhibition also has some books from Indonesia and Japan. “There is a book called Knock Knock done by a Japanese artist. It opens up beautifully. When we are growing up, we are confused by the number of people around us; we are unable to grasp relations. So this book explains the relationship which a child has with each of the family members. There is an Indonesian folk tale titled A Great Race. Another book is A Village is a Busy Place. It describes how a village works as a community. Then, there is Where Is the Tiger Gone — painted and written by a Gond artist. Small stories  about their lives are interwoven in this book. Speaking to an Elephant is about Kedara forest in Kerala. In it, the stories passed on by family elders to younger ones are described along with the art work. Tara Books wants to bring people’s stories and their experiences in their publications,” informs Tiwari.

Besides browsing through the books on display, the readers can also learn how a book is made. 

An exhibition of folk arts books is currently on at daram, the handloom store, Nilaya, Flat A1, Jayanti Apts, Next to Ratna Memorial Hospital on Senapati Bapat Road. You can visit it on Saturday & Sunday, between 11 am and 8 pm

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