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Anjali Jhangiani
Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Bhuvan Bam, creator of BB Ki Vines, is performing in Pune this Saturday and attendees might get to be a part of his upcoming music video

A few weeks ago, Bhuvan Bam asked his fans which city they want him to come to and perform. He promised his fans that he would be performing in the cities he would get the most invitations from. And guess what? True to his word, the man has shortlisted 10 cities for the Yahavi Icons BB Ki Vines India Tour.

“People from every city wanted me to come there and perform. But Delhi was on top of the list, followed closely by Kolkata, Pune, Dehradun, Bhopal, Kanpur and I’ve already performed in Indore, so I’m not counting that,” says the talented Bhuvan.
All In
So you’ve literally rolled on the floor laughing while watching BB Ki Vines videos, and you’re excited to see him live, but would he do justice to the stage-and-audience format? Talking about the show, he says, “It’s not a stand up, it’s a live show. It’s actually more like a musical interactive kind of show.” Clearing the air about his show, he reveals a teaser of the concept, “I’ll be talking to my character on conference call, like I have already done in some of my videos.” Will he only be talking to his parents — the muffler-wrapped father and always ‘okay’ mother — like last year, when he went to Seoul, South Korea, to attend the WebTVAsia Awards where he won the title of Most Popular Channel on YouTube, or will he be having a crazy conversation with his fictional friends — Bancho and Sameer? BB, as his fans call him, says that you need to be at the show to find out. 

The real BB please stand up
The man plays so many characters, and because each of them has a distinct personality, it makes the videos so enjoyable. But what is the real Bhuvan Bam like? “I’m one of the most introvert individuals you’ll ever meet. The videos showcase an exaggeration of situations and characters. But when you meet me in person, or on stage, you’ll see a shy and quiet kind of a guy. But let’s see how the audience reacts. If they like me, they’ll cheer for me. I’ll be there live to show them that this is who I am as a person. There’s nothing to create on the stage, it will just be me talking to my characters and having fun on the spot. The entire performance is driven by audience reaction. How they will react to a situation at that moment will be taken into consideration through the course of the show,” says he. 

And the music
After a set in which Bhuvan interacts with his characters, there will be a half-an-hour music session. “It will just be me and my guitar. The musical session will be a mix of some of my original songs, I will also be doing a few covers of some commercial and Bollywood tracks,” he says. 

He reveals that he will also be performing an unreleased track, for which he will be shooting clips at the event. “The track is titled Sang Hoon Tere. In all the shows I’ve done so far, and will be doing as a part of this tour, I will be shooting clips and adding that to the proper concept-based video which will be shot for the track,” informs Bhuvan, adding, “The video is likely to be released by October end.”

More about BB Ki Vines
We took a shot at asking Bhuvan when his fictional friends will finally graduate from school, to which he chuckles, “Sameer has already graduated, but Bhuvan and Banchordas are still struggling.” Before he signs off, we ask if Masterji is scheduled to be back anytime soon and he says, “Hopefully yes. I’m working on it.”

ST Reader Service
Yahavi Icons BB Ki Vines India Tour will be held at Irish Village, Koregaon Park, on September 23, at 6 pm. 

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